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The Club reduced its number of teams from nine to eight. With the demise of the Seventh Grade competition, three teams played in the Sixth Grade competition. Greg Irvine’s First Grade side failed by just two points to earn a Semi-Final berth with an uncharacteristic poor batting performance in the last competitive match against Weston Creek killing off any Semi-Final hopes.

Irvine led the way with 548 runs (av 39.1) and was aided by Neil Woods 421 runs (av 30.1), Craig Bradley 319 runs (av 22.8), James Newman 258 runs (av 16.1), Peter Day 242 runs (av 18.6), and Subho Banerjee 220 runs(av 16.9). With 32 wickets (av 15.6) Greg Irvine also took the bowling honors ahead of Peter Day 27 wickets (av 22.4) and Jeff Lucas 23 wickets (av 23.7).

Jamie Fox’s Second Grade side played better than their sixth position suggests. Boris Teodorowych led the strong batting line-up with 359 runs (av 44.9) with Graham Pillans scoring 275 runs (av 17.2), Tom Denman 250 runs (av 31.3), Mark Fanning 221 runs (av 36.8), and Eamonn Rooney 209 runs (av 20.9).

Jamie Fox with 19 wickets (av 25.1) was the leading bowler ahead of Graham Pillans 18 wickets (av 25.2). The Third Grade side captaincy duties were shared by Chris Barnard and Graham Trickett. Once again the Premiership eluded the side.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek – 1st Innings
161 (John McCarthy 5/10, Wally Murdoch 2/39)
ANU – 1st Innings
135 (Graham Trickett 36, Mark Fanning 23)
RESULT: ANU Lost on the First Innings by 26 runs

Vic Cristofani’s Fourth Grade side failed by a single point to earn a Semi-Finals berth with a poor batting performance in the penultimate round costing the side dearly. Antony Thompson with 310 runs (av 28.2) and Vic Cristofani with 27 wickets (av 13.1) were the leading players. Dave Valentine’s Fifth Grade side was coasting to a Semi-Final berth but losing the last five matches of the competition rounds meant they missed the final four by two points.

Peter Foley enjoyed a fine all-around season’s performance with 187 runs (av 31.2) and 25 wickets (av 16.6). The James Shaw led Sixth Grade Old Boys side again found that and end of season form slump cost them a place in the Semi-Finals. Julian Oakley, though missing some of the matches, amassed a Club record 899 runs at an average of 56.2.

From 18 innings he hit 2 centuries, 7 half-centuries, and 2 forties. Other leading performances came from James Shaw with 438 runs (av 21.9), Bob Davidson 307 runs (av 25.6), Peter Allen 305 runs (av 17.9), George Lombard 290 runs (av 26.4), Peter Reeves 265 runs (av 22.1) and Ian Ryall runs (av 17.2).

Ian Wilson won the Club’s bowling aggregate award with 42 wickets (av 15.5) while James Shaw’s 21 wickets (av 23.0) and Peter Reeves 20 wickets (25.7) performed next best. Steve Dowton’s Sixth Grade Blue side finished fourth and so earned a Semi-Final place only to lose in a tense match where a few more runs to play with when bowling might have returned a greater reward.

ANU v Tuggeranong
6-181 (Michael Sheldrick 59, Andrew Craig 42, Phillip Johnston 33)
7-184 (Steve Dowton 2/29)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 3 wickets

Rob Alexander led the Sixth Grade Gold side for most of the season but by the end, they trailed the field. Alexander was the leading batsman with 269 runs (av 33.6) just ahead of David Keith 257 runs (av 18.4) and Shane Roscoe 225 runs (av 16.1).

1991-921991-92 in cricket

ANU was again represented by eight teams. In the first five grades performances in the one-day matches were used to determine Semi-Final places for the One-Day Premiership even though there were no separate competition matches.

The improvement in the standard of the First Grade performance of the previous season was carried forward to this season with the acquisition of former A.C.T. representative cricketer, Graham Bush proving a significant factor in the further advances.

For Greg Irvine’s side, it was the first time since 1976-77, some fifteen seasons earlier, that ANU was represented in a Semi-Final in the two-day competition. Beaten by the eventual premiers, the side carried the fight to Queanbeyan and had one crucial umpiring decision gone their way (Queanbeyan’s premier batsman Peter Solway being given not out caught behind when naught and going on to score 104) the result might have been very different.

ANU v Queanbeyan
ANU – 1st Innings
239 (Greg Irvine 77, Graham Bush 54, James Newman 20)
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
4-255 (Murray Radcliffe 2/54)
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 7 wickets

The side’s well-performed batting lineup was dominated by Greg Irvine with a First Grade record aggregate of 645 runs (av 46.1) followed by Neil Woods 467 runs(av 31.1), Craig Bradley 420 runs (av 30.010), James Newman 348 runs (av 24.9), Graham Bush 278 runs (av 23.2), Peter Day 272 runs (av 22.7), and Craig Kneeshaw 246 runs (av 35.1).

Best bowling performances came from Graham Bush with 26 wickets (av 31.5), Murray Radcliffe 25 wickets (av 24.6), and Steve Smith 21 wickets (av 18.8). Mark Fanning’s Second Grade side finished third and earned a Semi-Final encounter with Tuggeranong whose batting so dominated the match that an A.N.U. victory became most improbable.

ANU v Tuggeranong
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
386 (Chris Davis 4/79, Eamonn Rooney 3/64)
ANU – 1st Innings
155 (Mark Fanning 40, Brendan Morling 39)
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 231 runs

On the strength of performances in the one-day matches, the side played in the One-Day Semi’Final series.

ANU v Queanbeyan
151 (Michael Brennan 43, Joe Pavletic 37, Brendan Morling 27*
RESULT: ANU Lost by 8 wickets

Brendan Morling with 308 runs (av 28.0), Mark Fanning 297 runs (av 42.4), Richard Taylor 249 runs (av 35.6), Craig Busby 214 runs (av 19.5), and Michael Brennan 212 runs (av 26.5) led the batting list. Chris Davis with 32 wickets (av 22.0) and Eamonn Rooney 23 wickets (av 18.6) were the leading bowlers. The Third Grade side led by Jamie Fox finished in the sixth position but did earn a Semi-Final place in the One-Day Premiership.

ANU v Tuggeranong
183 (Jamie Fox 5/11, Adrian Ashman 2/26, Graham Trickett 2/58)
164 (James Perkin 42, Tom Mathai 30, Robert Michie 30)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 19 runs

For the season Michael Ireland was the chief run-scorer with 281 runs (av 35.1), followed by Jeremy Wilcox 225 runs (av 37.5), and Robert Michie 207 runs (av 34.5). Bowling honors were shared by Graham Trickett with 21 wickets (av 21.4), Jamie Fox 20 wickets (av 10.5), and David Harris 20 wickets (av 19.8). Chris Barnard captained the Fourth Grade side to fourth position and Semi-Finals in both premierships.

ANU v Weston Creek
ANU – 1st Innings
8-253 dec (James Perkin 82 n.o., John Van de Waterbeemd 36, Mark Sewell 35, Darren Sear 32, Matthew Johnston 27*)
Weston Creek – 1st Innings
8-186 (Chris Barnard 2/16, Robert Cargill 2/17, Matthew Johnston 2/41, Preston Hart 2/43)

The drawn result elevated Weston Creek to the Final under their higher placing on the points table. The side did earn the right to play in the Final of the One-Day Premiership following victory in the Semi-Final.

ANU v Weston Creek
8-196 (Nelson Blencowe 52, Phil Gerrans 34, Sandy Clugston 33)
Weston Creek
7-197 (Preston Hart 3/25, Andrew Robertson 2/31)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 3 wickets

In all matches, James Perkin performed best with 291 runs (av 58.2) ahead of John Palisi’s 251 runs (av 41.8). The Fifth Grade side led by Dave Valentine was to prove the most successful Club side, finishing minor premiers but poor batting saw the Premiership pass by.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
Canberra North Daramalan – 1st Innings
83 (Michael King 3/13, Richard Ireland 2/8, Sean Ogilvie 2/18, Ross Atkins 2/29)
ANU – 1st Innings
53 (Tom Mathai 31)
Canberra North Daramalan – 2nd Innings
116 (Michael King 4/35, Richard Ireland 2/11, Ross Atkins 2/29)
ANU – 2nd Innings
109 (Mark Goleby 22)
RESULT: ANU Lost Outright by 37 runs

The side did have some consolation in winning the One-Day Final with some 24.4 overs remaining. History records this as the Club’s nineteenth premiership.

ANU v Queanbeyan
R. Dibitonto (c) c & b Bentley 16
M. Thompson lbw Ireland 33
G. Dawes c Quigg b King 17
D. Tong run out 15
P. Newham c Johns b Foley 0
K. Norton b Foley 0
W. Forbes c & b Ireland 9
G. Tolman b Bentley 5
F. Wilton run out 2
J. Adams not out 7
M. Greenwell run out 1
Sundries 12
Total 117
Fall : 21 48 89 89 89 91 100 108 114 117
Bowling : Ogilvie 8.3-1-25-0, Bentley 8-3-10-2, Foley 10-2-30-2, King 10-3-33-1, Ireland 10-5-11-2
D. Quigg b Wilton 25
M. Sewell not out 67
M. King st b Greenwell 0
D. Luchetti b Wilton 0
S. Hazell not out 6
P. Johns
S. Ogilvie
L. Bentley
D. Valentine (c)
P. Foley
R. Ireland
Sundries 20
Total 3-118
Fall: 86 86 93
Bowling: Forbes 5-0-37-0, Tolman 5-0-17-0, Thompson 3-0-12-0, Wilton 7.2-1-30-2, Greenwell 5-1-18-1
RESULT: ANU Won by 7 wickets

Best performances came from Antony Thompson with 252 runs (av 19.4), Michael King 32 wickets (av 8.9), and Richard Ireland 30 wickets (av 7.8). Ian Ryall’s Sixth Grade Old Boys side missed a Semi-Finals position by losing the last match of the season against a team of just eight players!

The side was best served in the batting by Peter Allen with 417 runs (av 34.8), Julian Oakley 414 runs (av 34.5), Ian Ryall 332 runs (av 25.5), and Peter McLay 242 runs (av 48.4). Best bowling honors went to Peter Reeves with 21 wickets (av 26.7) ahead of James Shaw’s 19 wickets (av 22.0). Steve Dowton’s Sixth Grade Gold side finished in the second position only to lose the Final in somewhat convincing fashion at the hands of Tuggeranong Red.

ANU v Tuggeranong Red
141 (Phil Johnston 29, Neil Kinsella 20)
Tuggeranong Red
5-142 (Craig Coates 2/20)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 5 wickets

The batting was dominated by Andrew Craig with 402 runs (av 40.2) highlighted by an innings of 141 against A.N.U. Old Boys, Phil Johnston 396 runs (av 30.5), Michael Sheldrick 280 runs (av 21.5), and Ben Roberts 273 (av 22.8). Steve Dowton was the leading bowler with 28 wickets (av 16.8). David Rowland led his Sixth Grade Blue side by example scoring 461 runs (av 30.7) and taking 20 wickets (av 16.5). The side finished the competition rounds in the ninth position in the twelve-team competition.


The Club’s Thirtieth Anniversary season was badly disrupted by the weather and there were few highlights. However, ANU Old Boys won ANU’s first premiership for 9 years. First Grade, captained by Greg Irvine, briefly led the competition before Xmas but a series of close losses saw them finish sixth and miss the One-Day Semi-Finals. The batting was led by Greg Irvine with 557 runs (av 61.9) including a club record-equalling 167*.

A distant second was Craig Bradley with 226 runs (av 20.6). The bowling was led by Steve Smith with 18 wickets (av 22.6) and supported by Tim Morris with 16 wickets (av 26.3) and Greg Irvine with 14 wickets (av 19.3). Second Grade, led by Rob Mitchie, just missed out on the Semi-Finals in both competitions after starting the season strongly but losing many experienced players during the early part of the season.

Mick O’Shea scored 2 centuries at the end of the season to become the first second-grade player to pass 500 runs in a season. Mick finished with 501 runs (av 50.1). Subho Banerjee showed true grit to score 342 runs (av 28.5). The bowling was led by and at times fearsome, Chris Scott-Orr with 21 wickets (av 22.6) ably supported by Chris Davis with 16 wickets (av 22.5).

Third Grade, with John Palisi and Dave Luchetti sharing the captaincy, had a successful season making the Semi-Finals of the Two-Day competition only to be totally washed out and missing the One-Day Semi-Finals on quotient. The team’s success was based on teamwork with wickets and runs being shared around.

Only John Palisi scored over 200 runs with 204 runs (av 22.7). Graeme Trickett took 17 wickets (av 16.2) to lead the bowlers. The Ross Atkins led Fourth Grade side finished fifth in the Two-Day competition and missed out on the One-Day competition Semi-Finals.

Antony Thompson scored 252 runs (av 22.9) to lead the batting from Ross Atkins 232 runs (av 33.1) which included a hard-hitting 128*. Steve Hart with 17 wickets (av 13.2) and Richard Ireland with 16 wickets (av 22.4) were the leading bowlers. Fifth Grade, led by Peter Foley, had a forgettable season with a large number of experienced players who have left the club leaving the batting very weak.

Andrew Craig led the batting with 172 runs (av 28.7) with Peter Foley’s 15 wickets (av 17.8) the best of the bowling. Steve Dowton led Sixth Grade to third in the Two-Day competition only to be washed out in the Semi-Final. However, they made and won the One-Day Final. In a battle of the tails, ANU recovered from 5-80 to reach 159 but Souths meekly surrendered to lose their last 5 wickets for just 6 runs.

ANU v Souths
M. Sheldrick c b Turner 15
C. Tough c b R. Booth 14
M. Hutchinson b Milbourne 0
A. Craig c b McKenzie 28
C. Coates b Luck 12
A. Machin c b Milbourne 12
S. Kennedy c b R. Booth 19
S. Dowton (c) lbw D. Booth 7
K. Pritchard c b D. Booth 12
D. Baker not out 12
S. Baz b R. Booth 3
Sundries 20
Total 159
Fall : 25 30 38 78 80 104 117 128 137 159
Bowling: D. Booth 9-0-30-2, Turner 10-1-22-1, Milbourne 10-1-23-2, R. Booth 10-2-30-3, Lock 5-0-22-1, McKenzie 5-0-21-1
South Canberra
R. Booth c Hutchinson b Coates 14
Temby c Tough b Baker 6
Laxman c Tough b Pritchard 11
Bolitho c Craig b Baker 0
Shaw c Kennedy b Dowton 5
Lock (c) c Coates b Baz 16
McKenzie st Tough b Dowton 6
Eccles b Dowton 1
Turner b Baz 0
D. Booth c Machin b Baz 0
Milbourne not out 0
Sundries 4
Total 63
Fall : 7 29 29 37 46 57 62 63 63 63
Bowling : Baz 9-1-20-3, Coates 6-4-8-1, Pritchard 6-1-12-1, Baker 6-1-13-2, Dowton 6-3-8-3
RESULT: ANU Won by 96 runs

For the season Michael Sheldrick with 308 runs (av 51.3) and Craig Coates with 243 runs (av 30.4) had a very good season with the bat. Neil Kinsella with 24 wickets (av 11.0), Ken Pritchard with 19 wickets (av 11.6), and Craig Coates with 19 wickets (av 13.1) were the chief destroyers with the ball.

Peter Neal finally led the Old Boys into the Seventh Grade finals after needing to win their last three games. In a rain-reduced Semi-Final, the Old Boys defeated arch-rival Tuggeranong Old Boys with three balls left. In the Final against Weston Creek, it was left to the bowlers to defend a mediocre 115 runs. Michael Brice’s opening spell of 8-4-4-3 gave ANU the momentum which they only briefly lost.

ANU v Weston Creek
I. Ryall b Taylor 0
P. Gausden b Rowe 21
J. Oakley c & b Wesley 3
M. Brice lbw Rowe 7
I. Geary c Purcell b Wesley 18
P. Neal (c) c Webster b Sullivan 9
C. Barnard c Taylor b Sullivan 25
P. Allen b Browning 1
J. Shaw c Purcell b Taylor 0
C. Rigby not out 2
I. Wilson b Taylor 0
Sundries 29
Total 115
Fall : 1 13 38 41 71 95 101 107 115 115
Bowling : Taylor 7-0-14-3, Wesley 8-1-21-2, Sullivan 8-0-38-2, Rowe 8-1-19-2, Singh 1-0-12-0, Browning 3-0-10-1
Weston Creek
Browning c Allen b Brice 4
Rowe b Brice 1
Wilson b Brice 1
Thompson c Allen b Shaw 20
Purcell c Allen b Neal 1
Mowbray c Oakley b Shaw 5
Wesley c Neal b Shaw 37
Webster c Gausden b Shaw 6
Singh run out 0
Taylor run out 4
Sullivan not out 0
Sundries 10
Total 99
Fall : 3 7 9 20 36 39 95 95 95 99
Bowling : Brice 8-4-4-3, Barnard 4-0-16-0, Neal 8-2-18-1, Wilson 5-0-30-0, Shaw 7-1-30-4
RESULT: ANU Old Boys won by 16 runs

Ian Ryall with 379 runs (av 27.1) and P. Gausden with 312 runs (av 20.8) were by far the best batsmen with Jim Shaw’s slow bowling taking 29 wickets (av 15.3) ahead of Peter Neal’s 24 wickets (av 14.3).

Seventh Grade Gold was led by Wes Newman and played in the same competition as the Old Boys against whom they played several interesting and high-spirited matches. Dave Baker scored 245 runs (av 30.6) supported by Alan McMahon with 236 runs (av 18.2). Tim Stansell took 17 wickets (av 17.9) and Wes Newman 14 wickets (av 18.4).

1993-941993-94 world of cricket

The resurgence of ANU as a strong club in all grades was evident this season with nearly all grades featuring in semi-finals of both the One and Two Day competitions. First Grade was hugely bolstered by the arrival of Peter Solway, arguably the ACT’s premier batsman. He scored 529 runs (av 66.0) including a then club record of 189*.

Lack of batting support however just cost the team a place in the semi-finals. Murray Radcliffe led the bowling with 27 wickets (av 16.4). Michael O’Shea led Second Grade to sixth place in the Two-Day competition. Wally Murdoch showed his potential with 315 runs (av 40.7).

Chris Scott-Orr again took the bowling honors with 26 wickets (av 21.2) ably supported by newcomer Preston Hart with 18 wickets (av 40.7). Third Grade narrowly missed the double, finishing as the One Day Premiers and Two Day Runners-up. The One-Day Semi-Final was a solid all-around team performance. The One-Day Final was dominated by Michael Whyte’s century and 3 wickets.

ANU v Weston Creek
7/218 (P. Jory 52, J. Egerton 34, P. Hart 31)
Weston Creek
125 (M. Smith 3/34)
RESULT: ANU Won by 93 runs
ANU v Queanbeyan
M. Whyte c b Martin 102
R. Winder b Harris 2
P. Jory b Harris 55
J. Egerton run out 23
A. Colquhoun c b Alexander 5
S. Groch b Harris 0
T. Matthai not out 1
R. Campbell not out 0
M. Smith (c)
S. O’Dwyer
B. Cooper
Sundries 11
Total 6-199
Fall : 7 146 186 193 197 199
Bowling : Harris 10-1-52-3, Alexander 10-0-30-1, McMurray 4-0-24-0, Walker 4-1-13-1, Di Campli 3-0-10-0, Stortini 10-2-24-0, Martin 9-1-42-1
A. Bull lbw Smith 9
L. Horobin run out 3
J. Bannerman c Cooper b Smith 21
D. Quinn c Mathai b Colquhoun 27
G. McMurray c Campbell b Cooper 0
B. Walker b Cooper 4
D. Di Campli c O’Dwyer b Whyte 28
J. Harris c Egerton b Whyte 5
L. Stortini st Campbell b Colquhoun 5
J. Martin not out 19
G. Alexander b Whyte 6
Sundries 22
Total 150
Fall : 10 31 45 45 53 110 110 115 122 150
Bowling: Groch 6-1-15-0, Smith 10-5-27-2, Cooper 10-5-25-2, O’Dwyer 6-2-17-0, Whyte 9.2-1-26-3, Colquhoun 5-0-25-2, Egerton 1-0-4-0
RESULT: ANU Won by 49 runs

In the Two-Day competition, ANU finished third. They again played Weston Creek in the Semi-Final and led by Jon Egerton with the ball and Michael Whyte with the bat won easily by 4 wickets. The Two-Day Final was much closer and only an eighth-wicket partnership by Souths denied ANU the win.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek – 1st Innings
155 (J. Egerton 4/30)
ANU – 1st Innings
8/224 (M. Whyte 55)
RESULT: ANU won on First Innings by 4 wickets
ANU v Souths
ANU – 1st Innings
J. Spittal c b Long 0
M. Whyte c b Lejsek 0
P. Jory b Long 27
P. MacPherson lbw Long 2
A. Fong c MacKenzie b Battersby 36
J. Egerton b Minns 46
R. Campbell c Dann b Minns 4
R. Winder b Minns 17
S. O’Dwyer (c) not out 18
M. Smith c b Battersby 8
B. Cooper run out 7
Sundries 17
Total 182
Fall : 1 2 4 62 93 112 139 155 166 182
Bowling : Long 12-0-44-3, Lejsek 19-6-26-1, Hughes 12.3-1-35-0, Battersby 14-3-39-3, Minns 30-13-39-3, McKenzie 2-0-2-0
Souths – 1st Innings
M. Dalin run out 0
P. Lee c b Cooper 57
K. Green not out 11
I. Long c Winder b MacPherson 24
M. McKenzie c Whyte b MacPherson 0
A. Collins c Whyte b Egerton 19
I. Battersby b MacPherson 20
P. Thompson (c) c MacPherson b Cooper 3
M. Roche lbw Smith 32
B. Hughes not out 1
A. Minns
Sundries 16
Total 8/183
Fall : 0 64 64 99 128 132 136 176
Bowling: Cooper 19-6-51-2, Smith 15-5-43-1, O’Dwyer 15.1-6-19-0, MacPherson 22-10-36-3, Egerton 7-0-27-1
RESULT: ANU lost on First Innings by 2 wickets

Michael Whyte scored a grade record of 609 runs (av 50.8) including 2 centuries. He was the first batsman to pass 400 runs for Third Grade at ANU. Murray Smith had an excellent season taking 30 wickets (av 16.3). Preston Hart in only half a season in Third Grade took 17 wickets (av 8.9) Fourth Grade led by Steve Hart had a very successful season finished Runners-Up in the One Day Competition and won the Two-Day Competition from third place.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
Canberra North Daramalan
72 (S. Hart 3/15, J. Fox 3/24)
4/73 (S. Clugston 25)
RESULT: ANU won by 6 wickets

The One-Day Final was dominated by the Weston Creek batsmen who amassed 314 runs which were far too many for ANU to chase.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
Martin st Craig b R. Ireland 32
G. Evans ct M. Ireland b Atkins 71
Norton ct Barnard b Hart 102
McGregor ct Hart b Fox 45
S. Evans run out 24
Rowe ct Barnard b Hart 16
Jessup ct Hart b M. Ireland 0
Seberry not out 4
Rouse not out 1
Sundries 19
Total 7-314
Fall : 87 145 255 291 298 298 310
Bowling: Fox 8-0-20-1, Emery 5-0-34-0, Hart 10-0-54-1, R. Ireland 10-0-54-1, M. Ireland 9-0-73-1, Atkins 8-0-57-1
A. Thompson ct Jessup b Rowe 0
R. Atkins ct S. Evans b Hatch 11
M. Ireland c & b Chapman 32
S. Clugston lbw Evans 38
M. Hutchinson b Evans 8
A. Craig st Jessup b Chapman 0
C. Barnard c S. Evans b Chapman 34
S. Hart not out 27
C. Emery b G. Evans 3
J. Fox b Rouse 7
R. Ireland lbw Rouse 0
Sundries 26
Total 186
Fall : 11 13 88 92 131 137 140 153 173 186
Bowling : Hatch 7-1-24-1, Rowe 10-1-54-1, Chapman 10-1-47-3, G. Evans 10-2-34-3, Rouse 5-1-8-2
RESULT: ANU Lost by 128 runs

Tight bowling was the key to ANU’s win in the Two Day Semi-Final as Souths were restricted to 159 runs. An aggressive start saw ANU 1/68 at stumps and an eventual 5 wicket win.

Souths – 1st Innings
159 (Hart 3/11, Snow 3/40)
ANU – 1st Innings
252 (M. Ireland 59, A. Craig 51)
RESULT: ANU won on First Innings by 5 wickets

In the Two-Day Final, Michael Ireland followed his 59 in the Semi-Final with a superb 117 and together with Steve Hart, who compiled a fine captain’s knock of 71, rescued ANU from a precarious 5/52. Steve Hart then followed up with 4 wickets to secure a comfortable win.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
ANU – 1st Innings
J. Van De Waterbeemd run out 11
R. Atkins b Hetenyi 0
M. Snow ct Miller b Hetenyi 0
M. Ireland lbw Holbrow 117
P. Palisi c Glaznieks b Holbrow 0
A. Craig run out 12
S. Hart c Holbrow b Sloane 71
C. Barnard lbw Steinbacher 14
C. MacCallum c Francis b Glaznieks 0
I. Naumann not out 34
J. Fox lbw Rackham 6
Sundries 18
Total 283
Fall : 4 6 28 30 52 177 197 204 269 283
Bowling : Holbrow 23-3-57-2, Hetenyi 21-6-62-2, Steinbacher 7-1-26-1, Rackham 18.1-3-45-1, Sloane 17-1-68-1, Glaznieks 9-4-16-1
Canberra North Daramalan – 1st Innings
G. Sloane c Palisi b MacCallum 27
S. Glaznieks b Fx 21
O. Steinbacher lbw Hart 0
K. Francis c Craig b Snow 58
C. Blain lbw Atkins 0
M. Holbrow ct Craig b Snow 26
J. Farmer c Barnard b Snow 0
T. Miller not out 12
A. Jarvin lbw Hart 0
M. Hetenyi b Hart 1
I. Rackham b Hart 5
Sundries 4
Total 154
Fall : 33 34 79 93 130 134 136 139 141 154
Bowling : Hart 23-9-37-4, Fox 15-3-53-1, MacCallum 7-0-27-1, Snow 11-5-26-3, Atkins 5-2-8-3
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 129 runs

Michael Ireland with 447 runs (av 40.7) led the batting by a long margin with Steve Hart taking 28 wickets (av 14.5) to lead the bowling with able support from Darren Quigg’s 10 wickets (av 6.2). Steve Dowton led Fifth Grade to the minor premiership though missing the One Day semis.

The Two-Day Semi-Final however was another disaster for the premiership favorites. Winning the toss and batting was proved to be the wrong decision with ANU quickly reduced to 8/33 on a wet pitch.

The side’s strength throughout the season had been the ability of the tail to wag vigorously and again they achieved this with Chris Emery 40 and Steve Dowton 68 taking the total to 146. This total was almost enough as Peter Foley took 7/58 off 25 overs (including an unbroken spell from tea to stumps on the first day), but a couple of dropped catches saw Tuggeranong home by 2 wickets.

ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
146 (Steve Dowton 68, Chris Emery 40)
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
187 (Foley 7/58)
ANU – 2nd Innings
168 (Alex Philp 46))
Tuggeranong – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 2 wickets

Steve Dowton, 278 runs (av 23.2), and Peter Foley, 36 wickets (av 14.2), took the batting and bowling honors. Michael Hutchinson led Sixth Grade to Fourth and a Semi-Final where 166 runs were not quite enough.

ANU v Weston Creek
5-166 (Chris Tough 43, Darryl Tough 37)
Weston Creek
RESULT: ANU lost by 2 wickets

The captain Michael Hutchinson with 335 runs (av 23.9) led the batting with support from a hard-hitting Darryl Tough 238 run (av 26.4). In the bowling, Steve Baz took 20 wickets (av 25.9) with Rob MacLachlan taking 16 wickets (av 10.8). Old Boys successfully defended the Premiership, first by just beating ANU Gold in the Semi-Final.

ANU Old Boys v ANU Gold
Old Boys
147 (J. Oakley 35 J. Downey 3/40))
139 (I. Wilson 5/33)
RESULT: Old Boys won by 8 runs

In the Final against Tuggeranong, ANU scored 9/215 and looked safe until an eighth-wicket partnership almost stole the match.

ANU v Tuggeranong
I. Ryall c Baldwin b Sargent 12
J. Oakley run out 33
P. Gausden b Ashe 4
I. Geary b Ashe 2
P. Brew c b Cassidy 43
P. Allen lbw Stone 50
P. Neal c Argall b Stone 24
J. Shaw b Stone 1
C. Rigby not out 8
G. Carmichael c b Fitzgerald 4
I. Wilson not out 1
Sundries 33
Total 9/215
Fall : 29 51 61 69 138 186 194 204 209
Bowling : Sargent 9-0-47-1, Stone 9-0-36-3, Ashe 9-3-32-2, Cassidy 9-1-35-1, Fitzgerald 4-0-31-1, Little 4-0-32-0
K. Gale c Shaw b Wilson 27
M. Smith c Geary b Brew 1
D. Ashe lbw Carmichael 69
W. Baldwin c Gausden b Wilson 0
D. Argall b Rigby 10
D. Cassidy b Carmichael 42
G. Little c Gausden b Rigby 3
D. Sargent not out 34
S. Paavailainen not out 13
A. Fitzgerald
M. Stone
Sundries 12
Total 7-211
Fall : 5 50 53 86 151 160 164
Bowling : Brew 9-2-39-1, Carmichael 9-0-55-2, Rigby 6.3-0-30-2, Neal 1.3-0-0-0, Shaw 9-0-44-0, Wilson 9-0-31-2
RESULT: ANU won by 4 runs

In Seventh grade, ANU fielded 3 teams, Old Boys, Blue, and Gold. Ian Ryall led the Old Boys to the premiership, Harley Gratton led Blue to 7th and Wes Newman led Gold to the Semi-Final against Old Boys. Julian Oakley again led the batting with 627 runs (av 41.8) and Ian Wilson the bowling with 30 wickets (av 17.6).


All the work of the previous years started to bear fruit in this season with the top 3 grades all making the Two Day semis but with no premierships, the overall feeling was one of the missed opportunities.

Tom Shiner became First Grade captain and took the team to the Minor Premiership and Twilight and One Day Competition winners. A fine 75* by Peter Solway and a hard-hitting 63* (including 5 6s) from Ken McLeod saw ANU reach 216 off 50 overs. A solid team bowling effort saw Canberra North Daramalan dismissed in 45 overs. This was First Grade’s first premiership since 1985-86.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
H. O’Meagher c Whitton b Hegarty 34
S. McNamee run out 23
P. Solway not out 75
G. Irvine b Hegarty 0
H. Renshaw c Whitton b Hegarty 8
M. O’Shea b Moxon 2
P. Hart b Whitton 5
K. McLeod not out 63
J. Wilcox
M. Radcliffe
T. Shiner
Sundries 6
Total 6-216
Fall : 41 79 80 92 105 118
Bowling : Smith 10-2-15-0, Edwards 8-2-40-0, Hegarty 10-0-34-3, Cruden 6-0-37-0, Moxon 10-0-35-1, Whitton 6-0-50-1
Canberra North Daramalan
McNamara lbw Radcliffe 0
Smith c b Mcleod 20
Miller b Irvine 20
Gambale c b Hart 53
Hegarty c McLeod b Shiner 7
Ryan b Hart 1
Whitton c b Radcliffe 23
Page run out 10
Moxon b O’Meagher 0
Cruden c b O’Meagher 4
Edwards not out 7
Sundries 23
Total 168
Fall : 0 24 66 109 112 121 145 145 157 168
Bowling: Radcliffe 9-1-33-2, McLeod 5-1-17-1, Hart 6-0-36-2, Irvine 10-0-23-1, Shiner 10-0-35-1, O’Meagher 5-0-15-2
RESULT: ANU Won by 48 runs

In the Two Day Semi-Final, a hard-fought match saw ANU go 8 runs behind on First Innings and eventually lose outright to Tuggeranong. The season also saw Brad Haddin’s debut in First Grade.

ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
178 (H. Renshaw 68)
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
186 (K. McLeod 4/48)
ANU – 2nd Innings
203 (H. Renshaw 57, B. Haddin 51)
Tuggeranong – 2nd Innings
6-199 (P. Hart 3/25)
RESULT: ANU Lost Outright by 4 wickets

The side’s strength was in its batting with Hall O’Meagher 626 runs (av 48.2), Sean McNamee 522 runs (av 37.3), and Peter Solway 389 runs (av 43.2) having great seasons. Good support was provided by Hugh Renshaw’s 337 runs (av 30.6) and Greg Irvine’s 303 runs (av 37.9).

Simon Mann joined the club and led the bowling with 22 wickets (av 15.9). Hall O’Meagher backed up his batting with 17 wickets (av 15.7) and Ken McLeod added some West Indian fire with 17 wickets (av 31.2) Wally Murdoch ably led Second Grade into fourth position and a Two Day Semi-Final in which they were unable to score enough runs to put pressure on the Souths batsmen.

ANU v Souths
ANU – 1st Innings
180 (M. Radcliffe 53*, W. Murdoch 41)
Souths – 1st Innings
244 (C. Davis 3/49)
ANU – 2nd Innings
152 (W. Murdoch 59)
Souths – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU Lost Outright by 8 wickets

The batting was led by Michael Whyte with 421 runs (av 30.1) and Wally Murdoch 312 runs (av 24). Long-serving player Chris Davis again took the bowling honors with 23 wickets (av 24.6). Preston Hart took 22 wickets (av 9.3) before going to First Grade. James Andrea took 19 wickets (av 20.7). Eamonn Rooney again captained Third Grade.

They finished third and would have lost their Semi-Final by a considerable margin had it not been for amazing innings of 124 (out of 137 scored while he was in) by Tim Payne. Even so, 227 runs were never going to be enough on North Oval and the many dropped catches did not help.

ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
227 (T. Payne 124, G. Trickett 36)
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
6-238 (C. Scott-Orr 3/66)
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 4 wickets

However, they had better luck in the One-Day Competition where they successfully defended their Premiership albeit by tying the Final. Weston Creek started strongly but then collapsed from 4-165 to 9-182. ANU also started well but a center-order collapse almost cost them the match until the last-wicket partnership of 27* saw scores leveled on the last ball of the match.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
S. Evans c b Rooney 24
D. Wesney st Van Der Waterbeemd b Dennett 66
B. Malbon c Rooney b O’Kane 15
S. Rainey c b Dennett 30
I. McKaskill b Dawson 1
B. Halloran b Dawson 16
G. Eggins c Van Der Waterbeemd b Dennett 1
J. Kirkby-Jones run out 2
G. Hatch not out 8
C. Fogarty lbw Rooney 5
G. Oaks not out 5
Sundries 20
Total 9-193
Fall : 56 101 125 128 165 167 168 170 182
Bowling : Payne 4-0-22-0, O’Kane 6-0-33-1, Hart 10-1-32-0, Rooney 10-1-34-2, Dawson 10-1-38-2, Dennett 10-2-28-3
M. Ireland b Eggins 25
J. Nicholson c Rainey b Hatch 27
J. Dawson c Malbon b Hatch 0
J. Van Der Waterbeemd run out 0
Greene c b Oakes 5
R. Atkins c Rainey b Kirkby-Jones 17
T. Payne not out 40
E. Rooney c Malbon b Evans 1
S. Hart lbw Evans 22
G. Dennet run out 3
O’Kane not out 11
Sundries 42
Total 9-193
Fall : 59 62 62 72 87 97 106 147 166
Bowling : Kirkby-Jones 10-1-37-1, Oakes 10-1-43-1, Hatch 10-1-32-2, Eggins 10-2-35-1, Evans 10-0-25-2

Overall the batting of Third Grade was disappointing with only Tim Payne 245 runs (av 35.0) and Michael Ireland 217 runs (av 27.1) passing 200 runs Eamon Rooney led the bowling by example with 29 wickets (av 18.4). Antony Thompson led Fourth Grade who unfortunately had a very poor year and finished last. Antony Thompson led the way with the batting by a long way with 368 runs (av 24.5). Steve Hart in only 6 matches took 16 wickets (av 8.6).

Peter Foley was captain of a Fifth Grade team that just missed out on semi-finals in both competitions. Peter Foley scored 220 runs (av 20.0). Richard Ireland led the bowling with his leg-spin taking 25 wickets (av 10.7) from Robert Koch 22 wickets (av 9.6) and Peter Foley 20 wickets (18.6). Ken Pritchard’s Sixth Grade side had a wealth of hard-hitting batsmen but a lack of bowlers cost them a semi-final position.

Darryl Tough scored 377 runs (av 23.6) just ahead of Ken Pritchard’s 372 runs (av 26.6). Other solid batting contributions came from Chris Tough’s 350 runs (av 29.2), Terry Natt’s 293 runs (av 20.9), and Tom Kleckner’s 290 runs (av 32.2). The bowling honors were shared by David Wright 18 wickets (av 29.7) and Tim Saisell 18 wickets (av 22.1). Wes Newman’s Seventh-grade team finished ninth but had an enjoyable season with several memorable moments.

One such moment was a guest innings by Peter Foley who scored 97* off just 23 balls (14 6s,3 4s), including 34 off one over (Suzi Foley’s wagon wheel). John Carter had a fine all-around season with 279 runs (av 21.5) and 12 wickets (av 24.3). The Old Boys, led by Peter Neal, we’re unable to repeat their previous success and finished sixth.

A rare feat was performed by Julian Oakley when he carried his bat for 61* against Barton. Ian Ryall with 394 runs (av 35.8), Geoff Pryor 301 runs (av 30.1) and Peter Allen 282 runs (av 23.5) were the leading batsmen. Gordon Carmichael with 27 wickets (av 15.3), Peter Reeves with 23 wickets, and Geoff Pryor with 21 wickets (av 15.0) took the bowling honors.


Five of our seven teams qualified for their respective semi-finals. Of these, our firsts, fifths, and old boys (sevenths) progressed to the final series, with fifth grade bringing home the Premiership trophy. Brad Haddin was, however, the success story of the season. Given the opportunity to captain ANU’s First XI, he then went on to captain the ACTCA U19 Rep team, play for both ACT Colts and NSW Country Colts and win a place in the prestigious Prime Ministers team.

This was followed by his selection as wicket-keeper/batsman in the Australian U19 team which played a Test series against New Zealand. To cap off a memorable season, in which he scored two centuries and a 90 for ANU, Brad accepted a scholarship at the AIS Cricket Academy in Adelaide. First Grade was captained by Peter Solway. They again won the Twilight Competition and after a comfortable win in the Two-Day Semi-Final narrowly went down to Wests in the decider.

ANU v Queanbeyan
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
176 (G. Irvine 4/53, T. Shiner 3/22)
ANU – 1st Innings
4-177 (H. O’Meagher 79, P. Solway 56)
RESULT: ANU won on First Innings by 6 wickets

Chasing West’s first innings total of 210, ANU crashed to be all out for 101. At this point, ANU was really looking down the barrel, but the glorious uncertainty of cricket took over. Some quick wickets from spinners Hall O’Meagher and Tom Shiner saw ANU set a fourth-innings target of 257 for victory.

At no stage did we appear to be in difficulty, but as the score mounted, so the wickets fell – mainly through batsmen’s indiscretions – and we were finally dismissed 20 runs short. With nothing between the teams on paper, West’s had played far better on the day to win back-to-back premierships. Peter Solway, with two innings of over 50, led the ANU batsmen by example.

ANU v Wests
Wests – 1st Innings
M. Robinson c Solway b Irvine 38
B. Hara c Healy b Irvine 36
M. Murphy c Healy b Irvine 3
D. McDonald c Healy b Irvine 10
I. Garrity c Healy b Irvine 0
C. Henderson run out 44
M. Hollis c Irvine b Hart 5
M. McInnes lbw Irvine 3
D. Thornton c O’Meagher b Shiner 20
B. Keens c O’Meagher b Shiner 19
J. Voros not out 0
Sundries 31
Total 209
Fall : 65 94 100 100 109 109 136 152 174 206 209
Bowling : McLeod 13-3-57-1, Hart 18-2-75-1, Irvine 24-8-46-5, Shiner 12-3-15-2, Renshaw 2-1-5-0
ANU – 1st Innings
H. O’Meagher lbw Voros 0
M. O’Shea c Robinson b Thornton 25
P. Solway c Henderson b Thornton 54
S. McNamee c Robinson b Voros 2
G. Irvine c Robinson b Keens 6
H. Renshaw b Thornton 1
M. Dodds c Henderson b Thornton 3
P. Hart c Robinson b Thornton 2
L. Healy c Hara b MacDonald 2
K. McLeod not out 0
T. Shiner not out 0
Sundries 6
Total 9 Dec 101
Fall : 2 50 53 80 82 86 88 99 101
Bowling : Thornton 26.3-15-34-5, Voros 19-5-39-2, MacDonald 11-5-19-1, Keens 3-2-7-1
Wests – 2nd Innings
B. Hara b Hart 0
M. Robinson c O’Meagher b Hart 37
M. Murphy lbw Irvine 12
D. MacDonald lbw Irvine 11
I. Garrity c Hart b O’Meagher 14
C. Henderson c McNamee b O’Meagher 15
M. Hollis c Hart b O’Meagher 0
M. McInnes b O’Meagher 22
D. Thornton not out 18
B. Keens lbw Irvine 0
J. Voros c Solway b O’Meagher 4
Sundries 14
Total 147
Fall : 0 42 68 68 91 95 100 127 130 147
Bowling: Hart 13-5-34-2, McLeod 4-1-19-0, Irvine 14-4-36-3, Shiner 11-4-24-0, O’Meagher 15-6-29-5
ANU – 2nd Innings
H. O’Meagher c b Thornton 36
M. O’Shea st Robinson b Garrity 26
L. Healy c Hara b Thornton 0
P. Solway c Robinson b Voros 54
S. McNamee c Hara b McDonald 37
G. Irvine c Garrity b Voros 7
H. Renshaw c MacDonald b Garrity 5
M. Dodds b MacDonald 31
P. Hart c Robinson b MacDonald 18
K. McLeod not out 5
T. Shiner lbw MacDonald 0
Sundries 6
Total 235
Fall : 46 47 102 123 161 163 175 220 235 235
Bowling : Thornton 27-8-65-2, Voros 13-3-48-2, MacDonald 14.5-3-38-2, Garrity 20-5-57-2, Keens 4-1-8-0, McInnes 3-0-15-0
RESULT: ANU Lost Outright by 20 runs

Five batsmen scored more than 300 runs, led by Peter Solway with 704 runs (av 58.7). Shane McNamee 508 runs (av 33.9), Brad Haddin 486 runs (av 48.6), Hall O’Meagher 379 runs (av 29.2), and Greg Irvine 320 runs (av 22.9) completed a strong batting lineup. The bowling was led by Tom Shiner with an impressive 38 wickets (av 15.8).

Greg Irvine backed up his batting with 32 wickets (av 17.3) but announced his retirement. Preston Hart took 28 wickets (av 23.5) and Ken McLeod 22 wickets (av 23.7) as part of a formidable new ball attack. Wally Murdoch’s Second Grade team had a disappointing Two-Day Competition, finishing seventh, but reached the Semi-Finals of the One-Day Competition. The pitch was difficult for the batsmen with only one ANU player reaching double figures.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
114 (C. Davis 3/22)
83 (J. Dawson 41*)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 31 runs

Jamie Nicholson was the only batsman to pass 300 for the season scoring 304 runs (av 25.3). Jeremy Wilcox with 224 runs (av 24.9) and Michael Whyte 217 runs (av 16.7) was the best of the rest. Chris Davis took 16 wickets (av 19.7) to win the bowling honors. Eamonn Rooney again captained Third Grade who finished 4th in the Two-Day Competition. The Semi-Final was marred by rain and the draw denied further progress.

ANU v Norths
Norths – 1st Innings
ANU – 1st Innings
Did not bat

Andrew Stone was the best of the batsmen with 194 runs (av 21.6). Chris Scott-Orr returned to the club and took 26 wickets (av 13.9) and was supported by Gavin Dennet’s 17 wickets (av 25.6). Barney Dalgarno took over Fourth Grade but a disappointing year saw them finish 6th.

Antony Thompson again topped the batting with 199 runs (av 14.2). Barney Dalgarno captured 21 wickets (av 14.8) just ahead of Jem White with 20 wickets (av 10.8). Fifth Grade finally put the semi-final yips behind them to win the Minor Premiership, Bel-Air Shield, and Two-Day Premiership. The only blemish was a loss in the One-Day Semi-Final.

ANU v Tuggeranong
8-220 (L. Whyte 4/44)
162 (S. Roberts 50)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 58 runs

The Two-Day Semi-Final was essentially ANU vs Neil Bulger whose 4 wickets and 36 runs nearly won the game until some chancy hitting by Peter Foley and Mark Lynch got the team home.

ANU v Queanbeyan
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
126 (C. Mayne 4/22)
ANU – 1st Innings
5-130 (M. Williams 31)
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 5 wickets

From the match report – The Fifth Grade Final was contested at ANU North Oval, a recognized “best first-grade” pitch, and a credit to curator Michael Lowrie. On winning the toss against the strong Tuggeranong Valley side, our captain, Peter Foley, had no hesitation in electing to bat.

However, despite coach Vic Christofani’s advice that the batsmen play forward on this faster pitch, the early batsmen played back, and inside the first two overs, ANU had lost three wickets without a single run on the scoreboard. Earlier buoyant enthusiasm gave way to profound doom and gloom. But Matthew William rose to the occasion, displaying both skills and concentration under pressure to compile a very valuable 40.

Martin Rowland also contributed a gutsy 26. Peter Foley (56) and Craig Croxford (20) employed newly developed batting techniques to share a late-order partnership of 87 runs and see ANU through to a modest total of 198. Given the abysmal start, ANU was back in the game.

Tuggeranong responded confidently on the best pitch they had seen all season and, again, seemed to be cruising towards victory. But good bowling by off-spinner Matthew William (4-42 from 22 overs) and Craig Croxford (3-42) backed up by occasional examples of brilliant fielding saw Uni home by 22 runs.

ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
W. Threlfall b Osbourne 0
I. Ryall b Kelloway 0
P. Lye b Osbourne 0
M. William c Stutchbury b Graham 40
P. Grealy c & b Stutchbury 26
M. Rowland st b Stutchbury 25
M. Lynch c & b Evans 7
P. Foley c & b Osbourne 56
C. Croxford b Kelloway 20
C. Mayne run out 0
L. Whyte not out 2
Sundries 22
Total 198
Fall : 0 0 0 62 74 103 104 191 193 198
Bowling : Osbourne 21.4-8-39-3, Kelloway 17-5-38-2, Boyd 14-5-19-0, Graham 9-2-26-1, Stutchbury 23.2-5-45-2, Evans 5-1-11-1, Pappas 3-0-15-0
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
A. McGettigan c Whyte b Croxford 13
M. Sargent st Lye b William 48
S. Lang lbw Croxford 4
Y. Pappas lbw Lynch 4
J. Evans run out 37
A. Harris c & b William 18
W.Boyd lbw William 19
S. Kelloway run out 1
A. Stutchbury c Lye b Croxford 17
M. Osbourne c Lynch b William 8
J. Graham not out 0
Sundries 7
Total 176
Fall : 19 33 48 103 124 136 142 152 168 176
Bowling : Lynch 11-2-1-30, Croxford 17.1-3-42-3, William 22-6-44-4, Mayne 5-1-11-0, Foley 11-3-22-0
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 22 runs

The very strong batting lineup was led by the “Peter” faction, Peter Grealy with 447 runs (av 34.4), Peter Lye 266 runs (av 29.6), and Peter Foley 223 runs (av 24.8), and promising newcomer Matt William with 200 runs (av 40.0).

The bowling was equally as strong with Peter Foley taking 39 wickets (av 12.1) completing a good year. He was ably supported by Craig Croxford with 27 wickets (av 14.7), Chris Mayne with 25 wickets (av 11.8), and Laurie Whyte with 20 wickets (av 16.1). Sixth Grade, led by Wes Newman, made the semis where they met a much stronger Tuggeranong side and were soundly beaten.

ANU v Tuggeranong
170 (Pritchard 4/13)
87 (D. Tough 33)
RESULT: ANU Lost bt 83 runs

The side had a solid core of players who regularly demolished lesser sides. Four batsmen passed 300 runs for the season: Tom Kleckner 633 runs (av 37.2), Darryl Tough 520 runs (av 28.9), Chris Tough 471 runs (av 33.6) and Ken Pritchard 370 runs (av 26.4).

Four bowlers also took more than 20 wickets: Ken Pritchard 29 wickets (av 11.5), Stephen Baz 26 wickets (av 17.5), Andrew Machin 25 wickets (av 23.1), and Brad McKay 21 wickets (av 22.0). Old Boys, again led by Peter Neal, finished second and played Harman in the Final where they were narrowly beaten by 1 wicket in a nail-biting finish.

ANU v Harman
P. Gausden c & b Watkins 10
G. Pryor b Fuss 3
C. Bradley lbw Webb 44
M. Radcliffe c b Pitman 39
P. Brew c b Pitman 7
C. Barnard c b Fuss 3
P. Neal run out 20
P. Allen c b Pitman 4
J. Shaw c b Pitman 2
P. Reeves not out 0
G. Carmichael not out 0
Sundries 16
Total 9-148
Fall : 9 44 78 109 116 119 145 147 148
Bowling : Fuss 10-2-27-2, Webb 10-3-25-1, Fogg 4-0-19-0, Bradnam 7-2-12-0, Watkins 4-0-21-0, Pitman 10-2-33-4
Holzheimer st Gausden b Shaw 40
Watkins c Reeves b Brew 0
Barnes c Gausden b Shaw 24
Bradnam c Gausden b Shaw 0
Black run out 2
Kerrison c Radcliffe b Reeves 16
Fuss c Bradley b Reeves 41
Fogg b Brew 1
Pitman not out 13
Webb b Brew 3
Curtis not out 0
Sundries 9
Total 9-149
Fall : 1 65 65 68 72 131 132 134 144
Bowling : Brew 9.3-2-31-3, Pryor 5-1-13-0, Carmichael 3-0-18-0, Radcliffe 10-3-17-0, Shaw 10-2-45-3, Reeves 5-0-16-2
RESULT: ANU Lost by 1 wicket

Murray Radcliffe led the batting, even though he played for less than half the season, finishing with 285 runs (av 47.5). Phil Gausden scored 261 runs (av 17.4). James Shaw had a big year taking 39 wickets (av 11.1). He was backed up by Gordon Carmichael’s 22 wickets (av 17.1) and Peter Reeves’ 21 wickets (av 22.3).


The season was one of the mixed feelings. I mixed feelings because we did so well but were able to clinch only one premiership after doing all the hard work throughout the season. An individual’s achievements were a feature of the Club’s activities.

Brad Haddin continued developing his promising career with outstanding performances that included captaincy of ACT U19’s, captaincy of ACT Colts, captaincy of Combined Country Southern Colts, captaincy of NSW Country Colts, and last, but not least, captaincy of Australia U19’s on a successful tour of Pakistan.

This high honor was a first for the ACTCA and this Club. In First Grade, Peter Solway was captain of a team that went very close to the One-Day and Two-Day double. They won the One Day Competition. In the semi, Greg Irvine took 4/13 to restrict Wests to 131. Brad Haddin hit an entertaining 63 to secure victory.

ANU v Wests
131 (G. Irvine 4/13)
7-132 (B. Haddin 63)
RESULT: ANU Won by 3 wickets

It’s always a pleasure to win a flag, especially against our old sparring partners Souths. Good performances by Shane McNamee, Simon Mann, and evergreen Greg Irvine were a delight to watch. Simon’s towering six onto the pavilion roof was memorable.

ANU v Souths
S. McNamee c Swan b Mellor 75
H. O’Meagher c S.Smith b Swan 11
P. Solway lbw A.Smith 0
B. Haddin st Hayes b Day 50
C. Smart lbw McKerihan 0
P. Hart c S. Smith b McKerihan 20
G. Irvine no 49
S. Mann no 35
Sundries 19
Total 6/25
Fall : 17 18 123 123 166 188
Bowling : B.Smith 10-0-62-1, S.Swan 10-1-58-1, S.Smith 8-0-50-0, M.Day 10-1-39-1, D.McKerihan 10-0-34-2, A.Mellor 2-0-15-1
P. Evans c Hart b Smart 15
M. Kavanagh c Hart b Mann 11
D. McKerihan lbw Irvine 18
M. Dawn c McNamee b Shiner 29
B. Bretland run out 17
S. Smith c Stone b Shiner 14
J. Haynes no 17
M. Day c Smart b O’Meagher 0
B. Smith b Shiner 16
A. Mellor c McNamee b O’Meagher 0
S. Swan c Hart b Mann 4
Sundries 12
Total 153
Fall : 24 32 48 85 112 119 120 140 142 153
Bowling : S.Mann 6.2-1-11-2, P.Hart 3-0-22-0, C.Smart 10-1-25-1, G.Irvine 5-0-18-1, T.Shiner 10-1-43-3, H.O’Meagher 8-1-33-2
RESULT: ANU Won by 106 runs

Unfortunately, ANU was unable to complete the double and was the Two Innings Competition Runner-up.

ANU v Souths
224 (H. O’Meagher 4/56 S. Mann 3/51)
ANU – 1st Innings
5-227 (S. McNamee 69, P. Hart 59)
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 5 wickets

Our Firsts finally succumbed to Tuggeranong Valley in a game of fluctuating fortunes, going down at Manuka by only five runs on the first innings.

In a match liberally sprinkled with flashes of individual brilliance and determination by both sides, probably several dropped catches by ANU, together with some gutsy batting from Tuggeranong’s lower order decided the result, leaving ANU runner-up for the second successive season.

ANU v Tuggeranong
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
D. Griffiths c Stone b Mann 2
P. Nemes c Compston b Mann 24
G. Lemin lbw Hart 5
D. Jeffrey c McNamee b Hart 8
J. Hays c Stone b Mann 4
J. Robson c Stone b Hart 5
G. Weber c McNamee b Hart 5
R. Chamberlin not out 65
T. Ferguson lbw Shiner 21
W. Harvey c Smart b Mann 46
A. Axtell b Mann 2
Sundries 33
Total 220
Fall : 10 15 53 61 68 72 77 133 216 220
Bowling: S. Mann 31-10-64-5, P. Hart 25-9-50-4, C. Smart 12-1-32-0, H. O’Meagher 24-13-29-0, T. Shiner 19-8-20-1, B. Constance 2-1-3-0
ANU – 1st Innings
P. Compston c Robson b Lemin 0
H. O’Meagher c Ferguson b Axtell 11
P. Solway b Lemin 28
S. McNamee lbw Axtell 0
G. Stone c Chamberlin b Axtell 0
C. Smart b Robson 33
P. Hart c&b; Robson 8
S. Mann c Axtill b Ferguson 43
M. O’Shea not out 38
B. Constance lbw Ferguson 0
T. Shiner lbw Ferguson 0
Sundries 54
Total 215
Fall : 2 24 43 47 110 120 131 211 213 215
Bowling: G. Lemin 19-3-74-2, A. Axtell 14-3-26-3, P. Nemes 12-2-19-0, T. Ferguson 7.4-2-17-3, J. Robson 15-5-31-2, W. Harvey 2-0-12-0, J. Hays 4-2-11-0
Tuggeranong – 2nd Innings
D. Griffiths c O’Meagher b Hart 19
P. Nemes c Hart b O’Meagher 33
D. Jeffrey lbw Shiner 11
J. Hays lbw O’Meagher 0
G. Lemin c O’Meagher b Mann 47
J. Robson c Smart b Hart 8
G. Weber c Solway b O’Meagher 25
R. Chamberlin c & b Mann 4
T. Ferguson not out 2
W. Harvey not out 19
Sundries 16
Total 8-182
Fall : 44 75 75 75 83 127 150 161
Bowling: S. Mann 24-71-2, P. Hart 20-31-2, C. Smart 3-16-0, H. O’Meagher 24-22-3, T. Shiner 13-27-1, B. Constance 3-16-0
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 5 runs

Peter Solway again showed his class as a batsman with 598 runs (av 42.7). Shane McNamee had a consistent year with 515 runs (av 28.6) and Preston Hart showed a big improvement to the total of 440 runs (av 31.4). The bowling was again strong with an excellent performance from Simon Mann with 41 wickets (av 15.6). Preston hart provided capable new-ball support with 30 wickets (av 21.9).

Hall O’Meagher with 28 wickets (av 17.3) and Colin Smart also with 28 wickets (av 21.2) were the main backup bowlers. Steve Hart’s Second Grade side found that the constant shuffling of players to Firsts affected their consistency and they finished seventh. In between appearances for the top grade, Michael O’Shea compiled 260 runs (av 52.0).

While Chris Scott-Orr continued to take wickets finishing with 21 (av 11.4). Andrew Stone returned to the club and captained Third Grade to Two-Day Runners-up. In the semi, Matt Wheadon provided the backbone of the innings with 69 from 190. Queanbeyan never got going and finished with just 144.

ANU v Queanbeyan
ANU – 1st Innings
190 (M. Wheadon 69)
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
ANU – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 46 runs

Unfortunately, the Final was a different beast. Norths were intent on batting for as much of the 2 days as possible and though no batsman scored a century they amassed 429 runs off 130 overs. ANU attempted the impossible but was dismissed for 181 runs off 37 overs.

ANU v North Canberra Ainslie
North Canberra Ainslie – 1st Innings
M. Stephens c b Trickett 40
S. Beil b Trickett 14
G. Page b Trickett 49
R. Kleeman lbw Wheadon 32
M. Campbell c b Harrison 45
B. Borgelt c b Palisi 75
M. Ottewill c b Trickett 28
D. Russell c b Emery 21
C. Noxon b Palisi 82
D. Axelby not out 5
M. Gillard lbw Palisi 6
Sundries 31
Total 429
Fall : 27 64 111 178 209 248 283 416 419 429
Bowling : Trickett 31-2-120-4, Emery 28-3-75-1, Palisi 12.2-4-33-3, Wheadon 16-0-60-1, White 14-5-35-0, Dennet 13-6-30-0, Maggs 7-0-27-0, Harrison 4-2-18-1
ANU – 1st Innings
T. Sloan b Ottewill 21
M. Wheadon c b Stephens 45
I. Lane c b Ottewill 8
J. Palisi b Moxon 28
B. Harrison run out 4
A. Stone c b Russell 14
G. Trickett not out 20
G. Dennett lbw Moxon 0
J. White c b Axelby 11
R. Maggs run out 3
C. Emery lbw Page 0
Sundries 26
Total 181
Fall : 46 90 91 101 143 145 145 166 180 181
Bowling : Ottewill 8-0-49-2, Stephens 8-0-53-1, Russell 5-0-31-1, Moxon 7-0-17-2, Axelby 4-1-5-1, Borgelt 3-0-4-0, Page 2-0-2-1
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 238 runs

For the season Troy Sloan made 267 runs (av 24.3), Ian Lane 251 runs (av 21.0), and Matt Wheadon 243 runs (av 24.3). Third Grade stalwart Graeme Trickett took an excellent 34 wickets (av 15.6) and John Palisi snared 18 wickets (av 9.5).

Barney Dalgarno captained Fourth Grade to fifth in the Two-Day Competition and One-Day Runners-Up. The semi was a cliffhanger with the last wicket needing 13 runs to win. Michael Ireland hit a 6 and a 3 and then Weston Creek bowled 3 wides to give ANU the match.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
160 (A. Christian 4/20)
9-161 (M. Ireland 53*, J. Foley 37)
RESULT: ANU Won by 1 wicket

In the Final against Norths, ANU was only chasing 153 but crashed disastrously to make just 88.

ANU v Norths
Osborne c Barnard b Pritchard 22
C. Blain run out 50
Borgelt c b Christian 30
C. Durbridge c b Christian 0
A. Ward b Ireland 3
J. Nuss c b Ireland 2
D. Russell c b Atkins 12
P. Hargraves c b Atkins 5
P. Howes c b Ireland 3
S. Borthwick not out 1
S. Worrall lbw Atkins 4
Sundries 21
Total 153
Fall : 44 116 116 117 121 124 143 146 148 153
Bowling : Atkins 8.4-2-22-3, Christian 10-0-27-2, Dalgarno 10-2-30-0, Pritchard 10-0-40-1, Ireland 8-0-25-3
J. Foley b Russell 2
T. Kleckner b Borthwick 1
M. Ireland b Worrall 13
D. Rowland b Worrall 22
A. Thompson c b Hargraves 18
D. Tough lbw Nuss 1
K. Pritchard c & b Hargraves 1
C. Barnard c b Hargraves 0
S. Christian st b Borgelt 8
R. Atkins st b Borgelt 4
B. Dalgarno not out 3
Sundries 16
Total 88
Fall : 2 6 38 47 53 60 60 78 88
Bowling : Russell 7-1-13-1, Borthwick 7-1-13-1, Nuss 10-6-9-1, Warrall 5-0-16-2, Hargraves 9.5-2-15-3, Borgelt 5-0-18-2
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 75 runs

The team had a strong batting lineup led by Darryl Tough with 418 runs (av 34.8) and supported by Michael Ireland 300 runs (av 27.3) and Dave Rowland 273 runs (av 24.8).

Ross Atkins took 17 wickets (av 24.6). Peter Foley again led Fifth Grade. They finished One-Day Runners-up and Two-Day Semi-Finalist after finishing third. In the One-Day Semi-Final, Souths scored just 115 runs with Jem White taking 5 wickets. Despite some shaky moments, ANU passed this total with 6 wickets down.

ANU v Souths
115 (J. White 5/30, R. Ireland 3/26)
6-116 (M. Pope 30, T. Mennen 35)
RESULT: ANU Won by 4 wickets

Chasing Queanbeyan’s 147 runs the ANU middle-order and tail crashed badly from 3-80 to all out 117.

ANU v Queanbeyan
Total 147
Bowling : Croxford 7-0-21-2, Foley, 10-2-19-2, Mayne 7.5-0-26-0, Whyte 10-3-46-2, Ireland 10-3-27-3, Grealy 1-0-1-0
T. Mennen 42
M. Pope 4
M. Rowland 0
P. Grealy 15
J. Deeves 17
C. Croxford 5
W. Threlfall 0
P. Foley 11
C. Mayne 4
L. Whyte 0
R. Ireland not out 0
Sundries 18
Total 117
Fall : 42 44 75 80 101 102 111 114 114 117
Bowling: not available
RESULT: ANU Lost by 30 runs

In the Two-Day Semi-Final, ANU played Queanbeyan again. The play was delayed by the vandalism of the pitch. Play started on another pitch but it lacked any life and Neil Bulger settled in for a long stay. He scored 204 out of 381 as Queanbeyan batted well into the second day. ANU had a bit of batting practice but the Draw was enough to deny them a place in the Final.

ANU v Queanbeyan
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
381 (C. Mayne 5/79)
ANU – 1st Innings
6-73 (M. Rowland 40)

The batting wasn’t as potent as the previous year with only Peter Foley with 217 runs (av 21.7), Peter Grealy with 213 runs (av 15.2), and Martin Rowland with 205 runs (av 15.8) passing 200 runs for the season.

The side’s strength was its bowling variety. Richard Ireland took 30 wickets (av 15.3) with his leggies, Peter Foley 29 wickets (av 12.7) with slow meds, Craig Croxford 23 wickets (av 18.0) with pace, Chris Mayne 22 wickets (av 19.8) with inswing, and Laurie Whyte 22 wickets (av 20.4) with offies and toppies. Sixth Grade, led by Wes Newman, and Old Boys, led by Peter Neal, played in the same competition.

Sixth Grade finished seventh whilst the Old Boys made the Final. Wes led the batting for his team with 246 runs (av 17.6) from John Deeves with 220 runs (av 27.5). Brad McKay took the bowling honors with 26 wickets (av 16.7). Old Boys played Vikings in the Semi-Final with the highlight being 61 by David Kerslake which set up a 16 run win.

ANU v Vikings
8-202 (D. Kerslake 61, J. Carmichael 38)
186 (S. Smith 3/17)
RESULT: ANU Won by 16 runs

ANU batted first in the Final but lost 7/40 to hand the game to Canberra North Ainslie. David Kerslake backed up his batting in the semi with 51. The opposition batsmen were untroubled in the chase that took just 27 overs.

ANU v Canberra North Ainslie
D. Kerslake b Burr 51
I. Ryall b Woodward 30
S. Smith c b Tournier 9
M. Radcliffe hit wkt Woodward 0
G. Pryor b Francis 25
P. Allen st b Francis 0
P. Neal c b Francis 0
P. Reeves c b Gillespie 0
J. Shaw not out 1
G. Carmichael c b Burr 12
I. Cronshaw not out 1
Sundries 33
Total 9-162
Fall : 54 70 71 122 122 138 138 159 159 162
Bowling : Gillespie 9.4-0-35-2, Bouquiax 8-2-27-0, Burr 8-2-17-2, Strang 4-1-7-0, Tournier 6-1-20-1, Woodward 6-0-28-2, Francis 4-0-17-3
Canberra North Ainslie
Strang b Radcliffe 25
Huntington run out 27
Mamic b Smith 66
Tournier not out 17
O’Mara not out 7
Sundries 22
Total 3-164
Fall: 44 127 157
Bowling: Smith 9-0-26-1, Pryor 4-1-18-0, Radcliffe 5-0-45-1, Carmichael 3-1-17-0, Reeves 4-0-31-0, Shaw 1.3-0-19-0
RESULT: ANU Lost by 7 wickets

David Kerslake had a fine season with the bat compiling 400 runs (av 22.2). Club veterans Steve Smith with 349 runs (av 31.7) and Craig Bradley with 286 runs (av 31.8) gave glimpses of past prowess. Peter Reeves took 26 wickets (av 17.0) to lead the bowling.


The club had a very successful season all around but First Grade had their best year yet. The efforts of all our ACTCA teams resulted in ANU taking out the prestigious Club Championship trophy, which is always a benchmark of a Club’s depth and strength.

After disappointing near misses in recent previous seasons, the First Grade team, under the captaincy of Shane McNamee and deputy Peter Solway were triumphant in securing both the First Grade Premiership and the Twilight Premiership and reached the semi-final in the One-Day Competition.

The Grand Final, played over three days, was truly a match to remember. The match, throughout, was full of fluctuating fortunes. Sent in, Queanbeyan, due to several dropped catches, amassed the very respectable total of 338, all out, on the docile Manuka pitch. The last wicket partnership of 50 assisted their recovery from 5- 117.

Simon Mann (3/80) and Preston Hart (4/67) used our “superballs” to good effect. Ironically, and in the unpredictability of cricket, Stuart Karpinnen, the Comets’ most successful bowler, was wicketless at a cost of some 100 runs. In reply, ANU saw the departure of a dejected Hall O’Meagher from the very first ball of our innings. Shortly after, Queanbeyan was further elated when they picked up the prize wicket of Peter Solway, adjudged caught behind the wicket.

Brad Haddin joined David Smith and these two took the score along to 155 before we suffered an Anzac Day-like procession, slumping to 7-189. Simon Mann and Jamie Droney batted with skill and confidence through the advent of a new ball, adding a very vital 65 for the eighth wicket, until Jamie played back to the first ball after a drinks break, and was plumb lbw.

Simon was joined by Preston Hart who batted very sensibly in an on-field atmosphere that was electric, to say the least. At 298, Simon, (40), was also adjudged caught behind, and with 41 runs required, Steve Broadbent, our inscrutable secret weapon, made his way to the crease. At this point, Queanbeyan supporters were reaching for the champagne bottles while the ANU camp could only hope and pray, afraid to move, even if in uncomfortable positions.

In the face of intense pressure from repeated chorused appeals, sledding, intimidatory bowling, and field placings, our two rear gunners provided heroic performances to narrow the deficit gap. As the score crept closer to 338, the decibel level of the ANU supporters’ encouragement increased noticeably, with a commensurate decrease in enthusiasm from the southern end of the pavilion. When Man of the Match, Preston finally cut the winning runs, we erupted.

Whether it was Brad Haddin’s 70, Preston’s 63 not out, David Smith’s 54, or Steve Broadbent’s 9 not out, every single run was equally as important as the others. Cricket is, after all, a team game. Noteworthy is the fact that this year, we conceded only a few sundries to Queanbeyan’s score.

ANU v Queanbeyan
197 (H. O’Meagher 39)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 5 wickets
ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
379 (D. Smith 77, B. Haddin 75, P. Hart 50)
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
131 (H. O’Meagher 5/28)
RESULT: ANU Won on 1st Innings by 248 runs
ANU v Queanbeyan
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
M. Frost c Haddin b Mann 8
A. Wiliams c McNamee b Smart 28
M .Higgs b Hart 17
R. Regent c McNamee b Hart 35
J. Swift c McNamee b Hart 108
S. Frost c Solway b O’Meagher 5
H. Renshaw c Haddin b Mann 31
M. Carruthers c Solway b Mann 30
P. Lee c Droney b O’Meagher 14
N. Reid not out 25
L. Hansen c Haddin b Hart 24
Sundries 8
Total 338
Fall : 28 57 57 112 117 179 263 275 297 338
Bowling: S. Karpinnen 26-5-94-0, S. Mann 31-9-90-3, P. Hart 20.1-5-67-4, C. Smart 10-2-27-1, H. O’Meagher 23-6-59-2, S. Broadbent 6-5-3-0
ANU – 1st Innings
H. O’Meagher c Higgs b Hansen 0
D. Smith c Higgs b Renshaw 54
P. Solway c Carruthers b Hansen 28
B. Haddin c Hansen b Higgs 70
S. McNamee st Carruthers b Higgs 7
C. Smart lbw Renshaw 14
J. Droney lbw Reid 33
S. Karpinnen c Carruthers b Higgs 7
S. Mann c Carruthers b Reid 40
P. Hart not out 63
S. Broadbent not out 8
Sundries 15
Total 9/340
Fall : 0 34 155 155 175 181 189 254 298
Bowling: L. Hansen 25-6-84-2, N. Reid 17-7-26-2, H. Renshaw 37-7-99-2, M. Higgs 38-14-94-3, J. Swift 10-3-23-0
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 1 wicket

Consistent with our performances, it was only to be expected that the Club would provide many players to the Canberra Comets and other Representative fixtures. It was fitting to see Stuart Karpinnen and Brad Haddin selected in a national “Best of the Mercantile Mutual Cup Competition Team”, with Brad also being awarded the “Recruit of the Year” title in that First class Competition.

It is indeed unfortunate that both these very talented cricketers may have to leave Canberra to further their sporting careers, but it is a privilege to have contributed to the shaping of their destinies, and we wish them every success in their chosen futures. Peter Solway was honored last month with a Peter McCullagh Achievement Award from the ANU ‘For Services To ANU Cricket’. It is gratifying to see Peter’s tremendous contribution to our Club acknowledged by our parent body.

Peter was also deservedly selected as Comets’ “Player of the Year”. Matthew William was selected in the Malaysian National Team for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. During the team’s recent tour of Pakistan, Matthew scored a total of 536 runs, including one century and three half-centuries, at an average of 34. His performances gained him selection for a scholarship at the AIS Cricket Academy, Adelaide.

The First Grade batting was led, as usual, by Peter Solway with 523 runs (av 47.5). He was supported by a very strong batting team with David Smith 442 runs (av 27.6), Simon Mann 423 runs (av 38.5), Brad Haddin 411 runs (av 29.4), Shane McNamee 332 runs (av 25.5) and Colin Smart 318 runs (av 24.5) all having good seasons, though strangely no centuries were scored.

The bowling was very strong with Stuart Karpinnen the best with 33 wickets (av 17.2) from Hall O’Meagher 28 wickets (av 16.6), Simon Mann 24 wickets (av 23.3), and Preston Hart 21 wickets (av 18.4).

The Second Grade also made their Grand Final but, missing two leading batsmen (Matthew William on national duty for Malaysia, and Jamie Droney in First Grade), fell short of the 161 targets set by North Canberra-Ainslie. The Seconds also reached the semi-finals of the One Day Competition and made a significant contribution to our position in the Club Championship.

ANU v Norths
9/255 (S.Hart 4/39, J. Droney 2/40)
136 (J. Droney 51)
RESULT: ANU lost by 119 runs
ANU v Souths
ANU – 1st Innings
292 (P. Compston 100, J. Egerton 54)
Souths – 1st Innings
166 (C. Davis 5/30, S. Hart 2/17)
ANU – 2nd Innings
8/210 (R. Dillon 58)
RESULT: ANU won on First Innings by 126 runs
ANU v Norths
Norths – 1st Innings
M. Stephens c Eagle b Davis 12
K. Whitton c Sloan b Davis 4
B. Borgelt b Palmer 9
S. Ellis b Palmer 1
D. Whitlam c Eagle b Davis 5
P. Boyle b Davis 17
D. Wilson c Compston b Davis 17
J. Nuss c & b Wheadon 16
A. Wood c Stone b Palmer 29
P. Jelfs not out 23
P. Coe c Sloan b Palmer 13
Sundries 14
Total 161
Fall : 10 27 29 33 38 71 78 111 132 161
Bowling : Davis 24-7-5-61, Palmer 26.1-9-4-50, Hart 16.3-5-0-21, Eagle 2-0-0-3, Wheadon 7-2-1-12
ANU – 1st Innings
P. Compston c b Whitlam 2
M. Wheadon c Ellis b Borgelt 8
R. Stone c b Boyle 9
R. Dillon c b Jelfs 20
J. Egerton lbw Jelfs 17
T. Sloan c b Borgelt 0
J. Eagle c b Borgelt 10
A. Zeman c b Wood 20
S. Hart b Jelfs 8
A. Davis b Wood 3
A. Plamer not out 1
Sundries 21
Total 120
Fall : 12 27 35 69 71 71 91 114 114 120
Bowling : Whitelum 9-3-1-12, Boyle 8-1-1-14, Wood 10-4-2-12, Whitton 2-2-0-0, Borgelt 20-8-2-38, Jelfs 16-5-3-27
Norths – 2nd Innings
M. Stephens c Zeman b Davis 6
A. Wood c Davis b Wheadon 67
D. Wilson lbw Wheadon 27
B. Borgelt c b Davis 99
S. Ellis lbw Davis 39
P. Coe lbw Hart 27
K. Whitton c Sloan b Palmer 0
D. Whitlam c Davis b Eagle 16
P. Boyle c Hart b Stone 34
J. Nuss not out 41
P. Jelfs not out 2
Sundries 26
Total 9-385
Fall : 25 92 125 227 264 267 298 306 363
Bowling : Davis 31-3-3-105, Palmer 28-1-1-89, Hart 8-2-1-29, Eagle 4-0-1-14, Wheadon 18-1-2-93, Compston 2-0-0-8, Egerton 2-0-0-14, Stone 2-1-1-5, Zeman 1-0-0-8
RESULT: ANU lost on First Innings by 41 runs

Rob Dillon with 379 runs (av 22.0) led the batting in a side where many players participated in First Grade at various times. Paul Compston on limited appearances managed to score 2 centuries including a fine 100 in the semi-final. Angus Palmer took an amazing 45 wickets (av 15.2) to win the grade and club bowling awards.

Chris Davis also bowled consistently well. Third Grade missed a place in the Finals series and was severely hampered during the season by a high turnover of players. Only Graeme Trickett with 229 runs (av 22.9) scored more than 200 runs for the season. He also took 16 wickets (av 21.6) to be second in the bowling to Chris Emery’s 18 wickets (av 16.7).

Stephen Groch struggled with injuries but in limited appearances took 13 wickets (av 8.6). Fourth Grade were semi-finalists in both the Two Day and One Day competitions but was unable to progress to higher honors. In the Two Day Semi-Final, a contentious umpiring decision went against ANU with Tuggeranong at 9-169 chasing 170.

ANU v Weston Creek
146 (R. Atkins 31, D. Rowland 30)
Weston Creek
5-148 (Harrison 3/38)
RESULT: ANU lost by 5 wickets
ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
170 (A. Thompson 47)
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
174 (G. Budd 5/54, D. Killaly 2/11)
ANU – 2nd Innings
8-108 (D. Rowland 37, J. Deeves 28*)
Tuggeranong – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU lost on First Innings by 1 wicket

In a team that changed too often for consistency to be established, John Deeves was the only batsman to pass 200 runs with 256 runs(av 23.3). Peter Foley with 25 wickets (av 13.2) led the bowling. Fifth Grade’s 158 in the Two Day competition Final proved insufficient against Minor Premier, Tuggeranong, who passed ANU with five wickets in hand.

The Fifths also made the semi-finals of the One Day Competition where they were hampered by only having 10 players.  The Two-Day Semi-Final was notable for a rare outright win and Ajay Limaye’s 10 wicket match.

ANU v Tuggeranong
8/135 (B. McKay 3/30)
RESULT: ANU lost by 2 wickets
NCA – 1st Innings
105 (A. Limaye 4/37, K. Kuber 3/14)
ANU – 1st Innings
231 (S. Jerga 50, A. Limaye 37, A. Baird 34)
NCA – 2nd Innings
193 (A. Limaye 6/88, B. McKay 4/98)
ANU – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU won Outright by 6 wickets
ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
A. Limaye b Thomson 14
J. Thorpe b Brown 1
M. Rowland run out 5
W. Threlfall c b Thomson 47
A. Baird lbw Houston 4
S. Jerga b Brown 16
C. Kuber b Brown 0
P. Coghlan b Houston 21
B. McKay lbw Berkner 27
R. Ireland not out 1
P. Shepherd lbw Houston 0
Sundries 22
Total 158
Fall : 10 23 39 55 81 83 109 154 158 158 158
Bowling : Houston 28.2-9-3-57, Brown 16-6-3-23, Buerkner 15-6-1-25, Thomson 16-7-2-15, Chait 8-2-0-17, Earle 3-1-0-3
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
Dunn Baird b Limaye c> 8
Baldwin c M.Rowland b Ireland 85
Armstrong b McKay 0
Chait run out 11
Cooke c Threlfall b Thorp 24
High not out 11
Burner not out 2
Sundries 18
Total 5-160
Fall : 11 29 29 140 158
Bowling: B.McKay 24-7-1-52, A. Limaye 15-2-1-36, R. Ireland 20-8-1-25, J, Thorp 4-0-1-20, S. Jerga 2-1-0-4, C. Kuber 6-1-9-10
RESULT: ANU Lost on First Innings by 5 Wickets

Wayne Threlfall was by far the outstanding batsman with 478 runs (av 34.1) including 139* at Chisholm II in a partnership of 185 runs in just 34 overs with Justin Foley. Newcomer (to turf) Brad McKay with 37 wickets (av 18.5) just edged out old-timer Richard Ireland’s 33 wickets (av 10.7) in the bowling.

Our two City and Suburban teams did not enjoy the successes of previous seasons, finishing in the lower rungs of their competition ladders. Simon Kable with 280 runs (av 21.5) and Wes Newman with 210 runs (av 17.5) performed the best with the bat in Sixth Grade. Ian Ryall, 284 runs (av 21.8), and Geoff Pryor, 270 runs (av 33.8), did likewise for the Old Boys. Wes Newman, 25 wickets (av 18.7), capped off a good all-around effort. Phillip Brew with 22 wickets (av 7.7) led the bowling for the Old Boys despite limited appearances.


Whilst we were unable to repeat the unprecedented successes of 1997-98 the club had a very satisfying season for 1998-99. The loss of prominent established First Grade and Comets representative players Brad Haddin, Stuart Karppinen, and Simon Mann to greener pastures were offset by the recruitment of Anthony McQuire, Richard Martin, Michael Robinson, and Jeff Hargreave.

Injury/illness limited Michael’s appearances but Jeff excelled in the thereby vacant ‘keeper’ position to take the ACTCA’s wicketkeeping honors. Peter Solway continued to display his class by taking out the ACTCA batting average trophy. In summary, our First Grade team, capably led by Hall O’Meagher won their first-ever back-to-back Premiership in the Two Innings Competition, after nailing the Minor Premiership.

The importance of the Minor premiership was patently illustrated this season when the semi-finals across the Grades were largely washed out, thereby ensuring the demise of those teams 3rd and 4th going into the semis. The Firsts also reached the semi-final of the One Innings Competition.

Representative honors were won by Peter Solway, Michael Robinson, Hall O’Meagher(Canberra Comets) and David Smith, Preston Hart, and Anthony McQuire in the ACTCA team for the Australian Country Championships, with Anthony gaining selection in the Combined Australian Country team which played the Sri Lankan tourists Matthew William was again selected in the Malaysian national cricket team which toured the sub-continent and, in the course of a personally successful tour, became only the second player to score a century in Malaysian colors.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
washed out
ANU v Tuggeranong
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
M. Armstrong c O’Maegher b Hart 21
M. Kendall c Hargreave b Smart 0
D. Jeffrey b Smart 23
B. Bretland c Hargreave b Broadbent 37
G. Lemin c Martin b O’Meagher 61
J. Robson c Hargreave b Hart 1
A. Cooper b Smart 16
T. Ferguson c & b Broadbent 10
W. Heaney c Hargreave b O’Meagher 1
E. Kellar not out 6
G. Miller not out 1
Sundries 10
Total 9/187 dec
Fall : 1 48 56 124 126 169 171 172 185
Bowling: C. Smart 33-15-53-3, P. Hart 18-5-33-2, D. Smith 10-3-26-0, A. Palmer 6-2-15-0, H. O’Meagher 13-3-23-2, S. Broadbent 11-2-28-2
ANU – 1st Innings
D. Smith c & b Kellar 0
A. McQuire lbw Ferguson 70
P. Solway not out 91
J. Droney run out 14
R. Martin not out 10
Sundries 5
Total 3/188
Fall : 0 127 164
Bowling: E. Kellar 11-2-30-1, T. Ferguson 16-9-16-1, J. Robson 23-7-58-0, W. Heaney 5-0-18-0, G. Miller 6-0-21-0, G. Lemin 9-3-22-0, M. Armstrong 4-0-16-0, D. Jeffrey 6-3-7-0
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 7 wickets

Once again Peter Solway led the batting with 559 runs (av 55.9) from David Smith 461 runs (av 32.9), Anthony McQuire 415 runs (av 31.9), and Richard Martin 334 runs (av 33.4). Colin Smart took 36 wickets (av 18.9) and Hall O’Meagher 30 wickets (av 20.2) to lead an impressive bowling line-up. Our Seconds, (or as they are to be known in the future, 1st Grade Reserves) were seriously impacted by unavailabilities throughout the season but made the semis of the One Day Competition.

ANU v Weston Creek
101 (A. Heathwood 28)
Weston Creek
5-104 (A. Palmer 2/23)
RESULT: ANU lost by 5 wickets

Troy Sloan scored 322 runs (av 23.0), Robert Dillon 272 runs (av 30.2) and Murray Radcliffe 233 runs (av 38.8) (including a memorable hard-hitting century) to lead the batting.Chris Davis with 25 wickets (av 12.28) again featured in the best bowlers from Brett Harrison 25 wickets (av 18.9) and Angus Palmer 23 wickets (av 13.2). The Third Grade went that extra step by qualifying for the Final of the One Innings Competition, but the premiership eluded them.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
105 (D. Killaly 3/23, L. Whyte 2/6, S. Jerga 2/17)
6/106 (M. Ireland 24, R. Taylor 24)
RESULT: ANU won by 4 wickets

After a good win in the semi-final, ANU made a good start to the run-chase in the Final but the failure of any batsman to go on with an innings meant they finished just short of the total.

ANU v Tuggeranong
M. Jensen b Trickett 8
B. Zacny c Jerga b Trickett 11
S. Kaye b Whyte 74
J. Evans c Pritchard b Killaly 27
Topp lbw Whyte 24
Popple run out 5
Parry not out 27
D’Cruz not out 20
Sundries 16
Total 6/214
Fall :13 24 89 152 157 168
Bowling: O’Kane 9-2-0-25, Trickett 10-0-2-50, Arkle 5-0-0-31, Killaly 10-1-1-35, Dennet 10-2-0-37, Pritchard 2-0-0-19, Whyte 4-0-2-14
M. Ireland b D’Cruz 28
S. Taylor lbw Kaye 39
D. Killaly b Kaye 27
A. Baird c b Zachary 35
K. Pritchard c b Kaye 26
S. Jerga b Parry 3
G. Trickett c b Parry 4
L. Whyte b Zachary 0
O’Kane not out 7
G. Dennett c b Pullen 4
P. Arkle not out 5
Sundries 29
Total 9/207
Fall : 63 105 110 156 168 178 181 194 198
Bowling: Parry 8-0-1-24, Osborne 10-0-0-28, D’Cruz 10-1-1-32, Pullen 10-0-1-60, Kaye 10-0-2-43 Zackny 2-0-2-7
RESULT: ANU lost by 7 runs

The ever-reliable Michael Ireland with 240 runs (av 42.0) led the batting with support from newcomer to this grade Andrew Baird 188 runs (av 47.0). Laurie Whyte relished his promotion to Third Grade with 17 wickets (av 1.8) ably supported by his spin-twin Gavin Dennet 15 wickets (av 18.3).

Fourth Grade had a mediocre season due to a lack of batting depth with only Stefan Jerga with 206 always hard-hitting runs (av 34.3) featuring. Evergreen Peter Foley took 25 wickets (av 17.9) including a hattrick. Before being promoted Laurie Whyte took 17 wickets (av 11.3). Fifth grade was led by Michael Whyte, resuming after a knee injury, and was focused on developing new talent.

After some poor early results, they steadily improved to just miss the finals. Michael Whyte with 247 runs (av 27.4) led the batting from Greg Williams 220 runs (av 18.3) while Richard Ireland with his leg-spinners took 32 wickets (av 8.1) supported by newcomer Bryn Evans with 14 wickets (av 15.4).

Sixth Grade under the leadership of the Rowland brothers struggled to field players due to a Sports Union edict and subsequently finished towards the bottom of the table. Dave Rowland with 317 runs (av 28.8) beat his brother Martin 267 runs (av 20.5) to the batting honors. Rob Preston with 18 wickets (av 16.6) and Bryn Evans 14 wickets (av 14.0) had promising debut seasons.


The season was something of an anti-climax following our successes of the preceding two seasons when our First Grade team enjoyed back-to-back Premierships. Yet again, the fluidity of University teams’ composition was reflected with several of the 1998-1999 teams leaving Canberra.

David Smith removed to Newcastle; Richard Martin returned to England; Stephen Broadbent on duty in Sydney for most of the season; Jamie Droney, limited appearances due to injury and subsequent selection in the Australian Indoor Cricket Team; Captain Hall O’Meagher was a late starter due to a broken bone in his foot.

I do not believe any Club in the ACTCA could afford to lose so much talent and still be able to defend its Premier’s title. Such was the case. These gaps, however, created windows of opportunity for new and younger players to show their mettle.

Stalwart Peter Solway, Anthony McQuire, and Colin Smart once again won Representative honors with the Canberra Comets and acquitted themselves with distinction at that level. However, Representative demands intruded on their availability to turn out with ANU. Colin Smart performed with distinction for the Canberra Comets. Following their exclusion from the national One-Day competition, his all-around talents have made him attractive to Victoria.

Reportedly, he will be turning out for Melbourne Club, Footscray, next season. We wish him well and look forward to following his career. Matthew William was once again selected in the Malaysian national cricket team and also captained his home State of Sabah to victory in the Borneo Cup competition. He also represented Malaysia in the Tuanku Jaafar Cup, a U23 competition between Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong which his team won.

In a three-match international series Malaysia versus Singapore, Matt scored yet another century and two half-centuries to take the Man of the Series Award and, again, help his team to victory. Overall, last season’s player turnover meant that, effectively, every team was playing one grade above their practical level. This situation was reflected in their on-field results, but I trust the experience at the respective higher levels will prove beneficial in future seasons.

In other words, a development year with positives in the longer term. Hall O’Meagher’s return to the First XI was a beneficial influence and, under his guidance, the team’s performance improved towards the end of the season. Peter Solway led the batting in his final season with 610 runs at 43.6. ANCC will miss his talents. Anthony McQuire with 552 runs (av 42.5) also had an impressive season with the bat and was well supported by Hall O’Meagher 353 runs (av 29.4), Matt William 344 runs (av 20.4), and Ben Constance 304 runs (av 17.9).

Angus Palmer stepped up to become the strike bowler with 35 wickets (av 22.9) with support from Hall O’Meagher 20 wickets (av 25.0) and Andrew Christian 20 wickets (av 31.3). Our 1st Reserves, 3rds and 4ths shared a common result — last in their respective Grades. In 1st Reserves (2nd Grade), Michael Ireland continued to improve with age and his 396 runs (av 39.6) earned him a spot in First Grade. Sam Headom made 313 runs (av 26.1) and Andrew Heathwood 310 runs (av 28.2).

Carl Breitenbach, 18 wickets (av 18.7), and Chris Emery, 17 wickets (av 20.5), were the backbone of the bowling department. Michael Whyte led Third grade from the front with 288 runs (av 20.6). Anthony Mason made 196 runs (av 16.3) to be the best of the rest. With a large turnover of players, only Laurie Whyte took more than 20 wickets with 25 (av 15.7). Fourth Grade struggled to post competitive scores all season with only Adrian Scott making more than 200 runs with 215 (av 15.4).

The bowling was always under pressure and Tom Evans, 21 wickets (av 14.6), and Brad McKay, 21 wickets (av 18.9) were the main strike weapons. As the season unfolded it became evident that our hopes for a premiership rested with Rob Preston’s Fifth Grade side. Fifth Grade lost their One-Day Semi-Final but won their Two-Day Semi-Final outright to earn a Grand Final place.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
196 (M. Sharrad 4-33, R. Ireland 3-35)
173 (V. Godara 63, R. Preston 20)
RESULT: ANU Lost by 43 runs

In the Two-Day Semi-Final, Tuggeranong found the fastpitch and large outfield at ANU North very different from their usual home at Chisholm 2 and failed with the bat scoring just 83. However, at 7/74, ANU’s batting was suffering from nerves until R. Prior and P. Foley saw the side to a 1st innings lead. Tuggeranong came out blazing but with even worse results to score only 40 in their second dig leaving ANU just 22 for victory.

ANU v Tuggeranong
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
83 (M. Sharrad 4-28, R. Ireland 3-13, V. Godara 2-7)
ANU – 1st Innings
101 (A. Yuile 19, V. Godara 18, R. Preston 17, P. Foley 16)
Tuggeranong – 2nd Innings
40 (D. Dutton 5-22, M. Sharrad 3-15, P. Foley 1-0)
ANU – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU won Outright by 8 wickets

In the Grand Final against Western District at Chisholm No 1, our boys excelled themselves to set the Minor Premiers the first-innings target of 201. As Wests had amassed some 800 runs in their two previous innings, their self-confidence assumed proportions of utmost arrogance as they began what they saw as a mere ‘cakewalk’ to the title.

But our bowlers were able to extract a mysterious ‘something extra’ from the ball and from being 3 for 9, Wests never recovered and were well and truly humbled for 161. With ANU 5 for 13 in our second innings, it seemed Wests were back in the game. But our secret weapons, (aka the old blokes) held out against a spirited attack until Wests reluctantly capitulated.

ANU v Wests
ANU – 1st Innings
A. Yuile c b Mehta 17
D. Dutton c b Goddard 52
V. Godara c b Goddard 20
R. Preston c b Goddard 20
B. Mapham c b Sloane 26
T. Bryan c b Sloane 22
D. Zakaroff c b Sloane 2
P. Foley b Goddard 21
R. Prior c b Sloane 7
M. Sharrad b Sloane 0
R. Ireland not out 0
Sundries 13
Total 200
Fall : 45 75 105 120 163 165 168 184 190 200
Bowling : Goddard 16-6-36-4, Cole 8-1-32-0, Longfield 12-4-32-0, Sloane 16-7-30-5, Kidd 6-2-15-0, McKinnon 2-0-17-0, Mehta 7-1-27-1
Wests – 1st Innings
McKinnon c & b Dutton 1
Cripps c Prior b Sharrad 0
P. Kidd lbw Dutton 26
A. Miller b Dutton 6
R. Kidd run out 11
J. Sloane lbw Foley 30
A. Mehta b Sharrad 19
Longfield c Sharrad b Ireland 19
Goddard c Yuile b Ireland 17
McKinnon not out 13
Cole b Foley 8
Sundries 11
Total 161
Fall : 1 1 7 33 73 102 102 136 147 161
Bowling : Sharrad 25-9-43-2, Dutton 17-3-51-3, Godara 4-0-6-0, Ireland 11-3-41-2, Foley 6.2-2-13-2
ANU – 2nd Innings
B. Mapham lbw Sloane 0
D. Zakaroff c b Goddard 18
V. Godara b Sloane 0
A. Yuile b Goddard 1
R. Preston b Goddard 3
T. Bryan c b Mehta 9
P. Foley lbw Mehta 5
R. Prior not out 10
D. Dutton b Cole 24
M. Sharrad not out 8
R. Ireland
Sundries 9
Total 8/89
Fall : 1 1 2 10 27 36 41 81
RESULT: ANU Won on First Innings by 39 runs

The mighty premiers Captain, Rob Preston, led a strong but inconsistent batting lineup with 354 runs (av 20.8) from Vikas Godara, 324 runs (av 23.1). A very strong and varied bowling lineup was led by left-arm quick Michael Sharrad with 36 wickets (av 10.5) from legspinner Richard Ireland, 32 wickets (av 13.6), a right arm quick Dave Dutton, 27 wickets (av 16.0), cunning medium pacer Peter Foley 22 wickets (av 15.0) and swing bowler Vikas Godara 20 wickets (av 8.7).

Our two City and Suburban teams finished in the lower section of their respective competitions. Difficulty in fielding teams was a contributing factor. Rob Capuccio and Brian Mangano were awarded ‘Baggy Blues’ for their sterling captaincy efforts in the face of overwhelming difficulties.

Rob’s team participated in a CC&SCA; record score. By cleverly slowing down the time taken to retrieve the ball from beyond the boundary, they planned to contain the opposition. But, by the opposition’s innings being allowed to run overtime, the 45 overs bowled conceded 521 runs. Gavin Nolan scored 207 runs (av 29.6) to be the only batsman in either team to score over 200 for the season.

Similarly, Chris Rann with 15 wickets (av 17.6) was the only bowler in double figures. Over the Easter holidays, an intrepid, young band from ANUCC voyaged to the Cook Islands to compete in a cricket tournament, despite being warned of the locals’ sometimes practice of cannibalism. From all accounts, a great time was had by all, capped off with a convincing finals win over title-holders North Sydney DCC, which team, I’m told, included some ‘gun’ first graders.