Cricket players and man dates of 1980s

1980s in cricket history


The Club enjoyed its most successful season ever in winning the Club Championship, the Second and Fourth Grade Premierships, and the Bel-Air Shield (by Fourth Grade securing the most competition points). Barry Andrews joined the Club as Coach and as captain of the First Grade side saw the side improve from last to equal fourth but miss a Semi-Final berth on percentages with the side having a harder draw of matches having to play three of the four semi-finalists twice in the round of twelve matches.

Dave Williams proved to be the champion batsman with 417 runs (av 32.09) followed by Jon Richardson’s 325 runs (av 21.67), Murray Radcliffe’s 277 runs (av 25.18), and Barry Andrews 218 runs (av 18.18). The bowling was dominated by the formidable opening pair of Murray Radcliffe with 40 wickets (av 15.22) and John Quinn 35 wickets (av 14.26).

Greg Emes succeeded Peter Wright to the captaincy of the Second Grade side and emulated his predecessor in taking out the Premiership, advancing to the Final after drawing the SemiFinal against Western District by finishing the competition rounds as minor premiers. The opening bowling pair of Andrew McGinley and Chris Barnard turned in lion-hearted bowling efforts to secure a narrow victory after the ANU batsmen failed to set up the match.

ANU v Northern Suburbs
ANU – 1st Innings
M. Bradshaw c Spinks b Jubb 44
G. Quinn b Wark 2
R. Porter c Gillard b Hannam 29
S. Heggen c Gillard b Hannam 9
M. Harrison b Goodfellow 31
G. Emes (c) b Goodfellow 12
P. Brew b Aust 4
C. Barnard b Aust 4
R. Brown b Jubb 3
A. McGinley run out 3
A. Matthews not out 0
Sundries 7
Total 150
Fall : 9 74 92 92 129 134 138 144 148 150
Bowling : Eicholzer 13-4-23-0, Wark 13-6-17-1, Jubb 18.1-7-24-2, Hannam 23-12-18-2, Aust 17-2-28-2, Goodfellow 12-3-23-2
Northern Suburbs – 1st Innings
S. Fitzgerald c Heggen b Barnard 5
P. Price c Brown b Barnard 4
A. Goodfellow st Brown b Matthews 30
B. Spinks b Emes 25
K. Wark c Brew b McGinley 39
I. Aust b McGinley 4
A. Bean c Emes b McGinley 6
P. Jubb c Brown b Barnard 8
T. Hannam b McGinley 1
M. Gillard not out 3
J. Eicholzer c Brown b Barnard 0
Sundries 6
Total 131
Fall : 8 15 58 75 97 103 122 125 131 131
Bowling : Barnard 25.2-11-45-4, McGinley 21-4-35-4, Brew 6-1-20-0, Emes 8-3-9-1, Matthews 6-1-16-1
RESULT: ANU won in the first innings by 19 runs

Bob Porter dominated the batting with 469 runs (av 33.50) ahead of Michael Bradshaw’s 231 runs (av 28.88). The side’s strength was its bowling headed by Chris Barnard 35 wickets (av 13.63), Andrew McGinley 27 wickets (av 11.59), Phil Brew 27 wickets (av 17.70), and Greg Emes 20 wickets (av 12.65). The strong Third Grade side led by Julian Oakley finished third and earned a Semi-Final berth against South Woden only to squander a premiership opportunity by dropping too many catches.

ANU v South Woden
South Woden – 1st Innings
246 (Peter Blanchard 5/51, Rob Howlett 2/47)
ANU – 1st Innings
189 (Chris Boreham 50, Julian Oakley 36, Peter Blanchard 23, Ian Naumaun 21)
RESULT: South Woden won in the first innings by 57 runs

By season’s end, Chris Boreham was the leading run-scorer with 329 runs (av 32.90) from Julian Oakley’s 307 runs (av 25.58). Rob Howlett was the leading wicket-taker with 35 wickets (av 11.46) from Gordon Carmichael’s 21 wickets (av 11.29). Stewart McKeachie’s Fourth Grade side finished the competition rounds as minor premiers and but for a loss in the last round would have been undefeated. The side won the Bel-Air Shield and then proceeded to take out the Premiership.

ANU – 1st Innings
I. Miller run out 29
B. Williamson b Van Meurs 0
D. Cook c bEgerton 8
P. Hookey b Van Meurs 69
S. McKeachie (c) b Van Meurs 70
P. Johns lbw De Weske 1
R. Hadler c b Egerton 20
C. Scott-Orr b Van Meurs 15
M. MacDonald c b De Weske 11
P. Newbigin not out 2
I. Wilson c b Egerton 0
Sundries 39
Total 256
Fall : 17 33 60 203 205 205 220 238 256 256
Bowling : De Weske 28-8-81-2, Van Meurs 32-12-57-4, Shlager 13-6-17-0, Egerton 12.3-1-13-3, Egan 16-7-23-0, Evans 5-1-14-0, Hickman 8-4-7-0
Woden – 1st Innings
B. Fitzpatrick c Hadler b MacDonald 3
N. Bayles c Williamson b Scott-Orr 0
J. Hickman c Hookey b MacDonald 1
M. Evans c Hadler b MacDonald 9
P. Daley c Hadler b Scott-Orr 32
N. Woods c Hadler b Scott-Orr 3
P. Schlager not out 20
J. De Weske c Hookey b MacDonald 11
H. Egerton c Hadler b MacDonald 1
R. Egan run out 9
A. Van Meurs st Williamson b Wilson 5
Sundries 1
Total 95
Fall : 3 4 14 31 47 50 73 78 88 95
Bowling : Scott-Orr 15-2-35-3, MacDonald 12-1-55-5, Wilson 2.3-0-4-1
Woden – 2nd Innings
R. Egan b Scott-Orr 13
M. Evans b Hadler 10
B. Fitzpatrick c Williamson b McKeachie 8
P. Daley not out 21
N. Woods c Hadler bNewbiginr 32
J. Hickman not out 5
Sundries 13
Total 4-71
Fall: 28 28 53 60
Bowling : Scott-Orr 6-2-23-1, Hadler 9-4-15-1, Wilson 2-1-3-0, McKeachie 4-0-9-1, Newbigin 3-1-8-1
RESULT: ANU won on the first innings by 161 runs

David Cook with 313 runs (av 24.07). Stewart McKeachie’s 309 runs (av 25.75), and Ian Miller’s 266 runs (av 26.60) gave the side the necessary batting strength. Spin bowling dominated the side’s bowling success with Ian Wilson taking 26 wickets (av 7.92) and Peter Newbigin 21 wickets (av 7.95).

Paceman Murray Macdonald took 22 wickets (av 6.77). Dennis Arnold’s A Grade Division II side went through the competition rounds undefeated and in finishing second earned a Semi-Final position against an East Canberra eleven whose batting proved the superior on the day. Note: Peter and Rhonda Foley’s daughter Suzi was born during this match.

ANU v East Canberra
ANU – 1st Innings
201 (Kevin Jackman 42, Graham Scobie 36, Dennis Arnold 25)
East Canberra – 1st Innings
3-206 (Peter Foley 2/33)
RESULT: East Canberra won on the first innings by 7 wickets

Surprisingly only two players played more than seven innings while Peter Foley’s 22 wickets (av 12.86) shaded Phil Creaser’s 20 wickets (av 9.10). Graham Scobie’s B Grade Division I side finished fifth with Trevor Dooley 232 runs (av 25.77) heading Scobie 195 runs (av 17.72) and Dooley being leading bowler with 19 wickets (av 17.42).

The B Grade Division II side led by Hugh Jones finished eighth with leading performances coming from Jones 204 runs (av 11.33), Peter Dempster 203 runs (av 15.62), Christian Mikula 27 wickets (av 14.04), and Ed Newbigin 23 wickets (av 18.00). One of their match reports led to an article by Ian Harrison in the Canberra Times titled “Coarse sport from Worcestershire to ANU”. An excerpt follows Sevenths: ANU 138 (Lowth 41, Reichstein 35, Tilley 32) lost to Norths 3/183.

After a sound thrashing in the pre-match toss (ANU 1 Norths 0) Norths were invited to bat. Andy Sutcliffe bowled a fine combination of tricky inswingers and rubbish, cleverly picking up one of the openers with one of the latter. From then on, it was a hard grind until tea, with the North’s line-up managing somehow to evade all attempts to make them hole out. After tea, Norths proceeded to unfold a big, dark, hairy thing that struck terror into the hearts of the early batsmen.

At 4-18 (‘Would it help if we ran away more Hugh?’) (‘Shut up Ed … and go and change your trousers’) Owain Tilley (32) and Ian Lowth (41) came to the crease and batted with good control to bring ANU within striking distance. At 6-69, Ian Richstein (35) joined Owain with vague instructions to win the match. This he attempted single-handed, hitting the first-ball for six, and then, to the delight of his colleagues hit the hairy thing for two consecutive fours.

At 7-134 and seven overs to go the match was finely balanced but, as luck would have it, Ian discovered the true meaning of “yorker” and the remainder of the team folded superbly. Splendid stuff!

Isn’t that what sport is all about? The fact that the match was lost was obviously of secondary importance to how it was played. It is refreshing to realize that away from the glare of publicity, on pitches where the mowers of the DCT cannot counter the flowering clover and where vicious pull hardly ever disturb the concentration of the amateur botanist studying ants at fine leg, heroic deeds are still taking place.

Giant, hairy things, capable of dismissing all but the most nimble of the foot with a full toss, are still terrorizing the opposition, despite the efforts of Channel 9’s little colored diagrams telling us where the perfect ball is is islands. In such games, the true sporting spirit of folding superbly is still regarded as an art.

This period in ANU’s history was also marked by the number and variety of social cricket matches from Intra and Interclub double wicket, 6-a-side, indoor (with real cricket balls, real cricket bats in sub-zero conditions at the showground), intensity, staff-vs-student and matches against social teams(Wanderers, Taverners, etc).

Year Books of the period have full details. However, the most unforgettable had to be the night matches under lights at South Oval. These were held in 1979-80 and 1980-81. Lights were placed on scaffolding next to the pitch and play commenced at 8:00 pm in 50 overs a side match. (Possibly the first night of cricket in the world?

“Wombats and Balls” reported – Anyone walking past South Oval late on Saturday night would have witnessed an event comparable to Elphinstone’s retreat from Kabul on the score of organization. The following highlights emerged painfully through the blur of beer, port, sweat, and green ginger wine – the concentration of ‘their’ batsmen who batted sensibly unperturbed that the fieldsmen were gathered in clumps around various flagons.

– an unbeaten sixty by the nocturnal Wombat who was only persuaded to stop when he realized that not only was there no one watching or fielding but also the scorers had long gone home – John Beaton succumbing to the lure of the flesh and the prospect of having all his dope smoked – Ram wondering whether this was the same game that the Raj brought to India

1981-821981 cricket player

History repeated itself for Barry Andrews’ First Grade side. The side finished fifth with Woden winning vital fourth place with a win over ANU in the last competitive match. Dave Williams again dominated the batting with 291 runs (av 24.25) ahead of Bruce Landford’s 251 runs (av 20.92).

The leading bowlers were Mike Howell 26 wickets (av 15.00), Sandy Clugston 24 wickets (av 16.46), Murray Radcliffe 22 wickets (av 11.91), and John Quinn 22 wickets (av 13.82). Murray Radcliffe was selected in the combined Australian Universities team to tour the U.K. Murray was also awarded a Full Blue and won the prestigious (and rarely awarded) ANU Sportsman of the Year award.

Chris Barnard’s Second Grade side failed to make the Semi-Finals by finishing fifth and so lost the opportunity to earn a hat-trick of premierships. Mike Bradshaw’s 227 runs (av 28.38) and Greg Quinn’s 193 runs (av 17.55) headed the batting while Chris Barnard with 19 wickets (av 16.84) was the leading bowler.

The Third Grade side led by Julian Oakley finished the season disappointingly in eighth place through a win in the last match against Woden would have earned them a Semi-Final place. Oakley with 179 runs (av 17.90) was the leading run-scorer while Gordon Carmichael with 28 wickets (av 13.11) was the leading bowler. Brad Pillans’ Fourth Grade side did it again winning the minor premiership and two weeks later, the Premiership in a thrilling match.

ANU v East Canberra
ANU – 1st Innings
I. Naumann b Norris 19
P. Wright c Stanilewicz b Hine 24
P. Johns c Thomson b Hine 14
D. Donaldson run out 2
D. Lewis c Thomson b Hine 23
K. Jackman b Norris 0
B. Pillans (c) not out 15
M. Slater b Hine 0
I. Wilson c Ballisteri b Thongyai 8
R. Bozen b Thongyai 0
J. Fox b Thongyai 0
Sundries 5
Total 112
Fall : 38 58 64 66 66 87 93 112 112 112
Bowling: Sherwin 9-1-22-0, Norris 23-3-49-2, Hine 19-4-35-2, Thongyai 4.4-3-1-3
East Canberra – 1st Innings
B. Vernon (c) c & b Bozen 1
D. Gallagher c Naumann b Slater 1
A. Gibson c Naumann b Bozen 4
M. Stanilewicz lbw Fox 32
A. Ballistic c Donaldson b Slater 8
C. Thongyai lbw Bozen 2
P. Thomson c Johns b Slater 31
M. Norris c Naumann b Slater 3
P. Senior lbw Bozen 3
T. Sherwin b Slater 6
D. Hine not out 3
Sundries 3
Total 98
Fall : 2 2 16 16 37 55 70 82 92 98
Bowling : Slater 24.2-6-45-5, Bozen 19-6-37-4, Fox 6-4-3-1, Pillans 2-0-9-0
RESULT: ANU won in the first innings by 14 runs

The strength of the batting was headed by Dave Lewis 343 runs (av 42.88), Ian Naumann 242 runs (av 24.20), Peter Johns 224 runs (av 20.33), and Brad Pillans 217 runs (av 31.00). Mark Slater’s 40 wickets (av 11.33) shone out above Ross Dozen’s 24 wickets (av 9.92) and Jaimie Fox’s 20 wickets (av 6.05).

Peter Foley’s Canberra City and Suburban Cricket Association’s (CC&SCA) First Grade side finished in the sixth position with Kev Saunders 324 runs (av 40.50) dominating all other performances. Peter Foley with 17 wickets (av 19.82) was the best of the bowlers. The CC&SCA Second Grade side captained by Ed Newbigin finished fifth, while Ian Reichstein’s Third Grade side finished last.

Peter Reeves’ Fourth Grade side finished seventh with Stuart Edwards’ 231 runs (av 25.50) and John Dauth’s 20 wickets (av 15.90) being the best performances. The social highlight of the year was the club’s first overseas trip to NZ. Here is a brief excerpt of the trip report: Each of us was charged with enthusiasm and had high expectations of runs and wickets. And we were not disappointed! We lost wickets at an incredible rate and the Kiwis scored runs with little regard for conservation.

In short, in Auckland, we got beaten. But that was not to be the case in subsequent matches. In Wellington for instance we were humiliated, in Christchurch, we were annihilated, and at a little place called Le Bon’s bay, we were massacred by a group of farmers in gumboots.

Somewhere along the line, at sleepy Palmerston North, home of the Kia-Toa Burnside Wests Cricket Club we had a narrow win. Kia-Toa it would seem drew the short straw and ANU won its first International. We will have to wait for the 1987-88 tour of the Cocos-Keelings for our second win if the form is any guide.


Murray Radcliffe succeeded Barry Andrews as First Grade captain while the side finished sixth. Creditable batting performances were turned in by Craig Bradley with 416 runs (av 37.82), Greg Quinn 214 runs (av 16.46), Greg Stacey 207 runs (av 20.70), and Murray Radcliffe 204 runs (av 25.50).

The bowling workload fell on John Quinn with 29 wickets (av 16.14), Murray Radcliffe 26 wickets (av 14.73), and Mike Howell 25 wickets (av 17.04). Dolf Matthews led the Second Grade side to the same position on the table with the batting honors going to Geoff Knuckey 208 runs (av 23.11) and Matthews being the leading wicket-taker with 17 wickets (av 22.41).

The Third Grade side captained by John Beaton also finished sixth with Beaton being the best performer with 201 runs (av 33.50). Gordon Carmichael with 17 wickets (av 14.4) again led the bowling. For the Fourth Grade side, it was a hat-trick of premierships. This year Phil Mitchell was at the helm of a side at its strongest in the Final.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek – 1st Innings
Smith c Naumann b Carmichael 9
Pennel run out 2
Deacon lbw Carver 10
Waldron c Naumann b Faff 5
Rajapatirana c Mitchell b Carmichael 14
Rouse c Mitchell b Faff 13
Whatmore b Carmichael 2
Mosley c Carmichael b Faff 4
O’Ryan c Woodley b Faff 14
Lowrey run out 0
Porter not out 1
Sundries 8
Total 82
Fall : 10 13 26 43 49 59 59 77 81 82
Bowling : Carmichael 15.3-5-28-3, Carver 7-1-25-1, Faff 8-1-21-4
ANU – 1st Innings
P. Mitchell (c) lbw Whatmore 19
I. Naumann b O’Ryan 27
P. Woodley lbw O’Ryan 3
K. Dempsey b Rajapatirana 97
B. Andrews c & b Deacon 70
M. Burnett not out 34
M. Cullen c & b O’Ryan 15
R. Faff b O’Ryan 2
G. Carmichael lbw O’Ryan 10
J. Carver c & b Porter 3
I. Wilson b Rouse 1
Sundries 16
Total 297
Fall : 39 46 63 211 227 257 267 279 286 297
Bowling : O’Ryan 28-12-47-5, Deacon 17-4-50-1, Porter 15-1-43-1, Rouse 11.2-1-40-1, Waldron 3-0-9-0, Pennel 4-1-9-0, Smith 3-0-15-0, Rajapatirana 4-1-10-1
RESULT: ANU won in the first innings by 7 wickets.

Phil Mitchell with 231 runs (av 21.00) and Barry Andrews with 199 runs (av 33.17) were the leading batsmen while Gordon Carmichael with 26 wickets (av 8.23) and John Carver with 20 wickets (av 15.10) were the leading bowlers. David Stephens’ CC&SCA. First Grade side finished sixth while Bryce Williamson’s CC&SCA. The fourth Grade side also finished sixth. Peter Reeves turned in a fine all-around performance of 255 runs (av 25.50) and 24 wickets (av 11.58).


Three grade and two one-day competition premierships meant that the season’s rewards were greater than in any previous season in the history of the Club. This was the inaugural year for the One-Day competition in district cricket that was played in a two-pool five-team format. The Murray Radcliffe led First Grade side finished fifth in the two-day competition and second in the one-day competition pool, ultimately winning the competition.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
R. Lonie run out 29
T. Ritchie c & b Quinn 25
B. Tapp run out 5
G. Irvine run out 70
G. Drew c Radcliffe b Howell 9
J. Abrahams c Richardson b Bradley 53
P. Coyle c Richardson b Bradley 5
P. Day run out 2
C. Burgess not out 1
K. Bone
T. Overland
Sundries 10
Total 8-209
Fall : 48 55 70 178 199 207 209
Bowling : Radcliffe 9-0-38-0, Witcombe 10-2-43-0, Quinn 10-0-30-1, Howell 10-1-28-1, Bradley 9-0-60-2
M. Stokes b Bone 1
I. Campbell b Coyle 42
J. Richardson run out 58
C. Bradley c Drew b Irvine 41
M. Radcliffe (c) c Tapp b Bone 14
W. Bryceland run out 0
B. Landford not out 21
M. Witcombe not out 11
J. Quinn
S. Johnston
M. Howell
Sundries 22
Total 6-210
Fall : 3 97 126 157 157 185
Bowling: Bone 10-1-29-2, Overland 4-0-21-0, Irvine 10-0-31-0, Day 7-0-34-0, Coyle 10-0-35-1, Abrahams 7-1-34-0
RESULT: ANU won by 4 wickets

In all matches, Ian Campbell amassed 405 runs (av 36.82), followed by Murray Radcliffe 328 runs (av 29.82), Jon Richardson 280 runs (av 21.54), and Bill Bryceland 249 runs (av 27.67). Dolf Matthews led the bowling aggregates with 23 wickets (av 13.52) followed by Mike Howell’s 22 wickets (av 15.45) and Radcliffe 22 wickets (av 17.59).

Barry Andrews Second Grade side finished third in the two-day competition and later played in the Final against Western District only to have rain intervene and present the opposition with the Premiership.

ANU v Western District
Western District – 1st Innings
219 (Jamie Fox 3/37, John Quinn 3/53)
ANU – 1st Innings
4-90 (Barry Andrews 47 not out, Bruce Landford 29)

The side finished third in its One-Day competition pool. Andrews with 407 runs (av 58.14) and Steve Taylor with 288 runs (av 38.50) dominated the batting while Jamie Fox with 31 wickets (av 10.00) and John Quinn 24 wickets (av 18.17) led the bowling.

Stewart McKeachie’s Third Grade side finished third in their One-Day competition pool but completed the Two-Day competition as minor premiers and a fortnight later, Premiers in a tense Final against Queanbeyan. Ian Wilson’s innings comprised two deliveries in the space of which he hit the winning runs only to be comprehensively bowled the very next ball.

ANU v Queanbeyan
Queanbeyan – 1st Innings
M. Wagland c Stacey b McKeachie 40
M. Connell c Blanchard b Brew 8
M. Thompson c Knuckey b Brew 2
V. Bulger b Blanchard 8
W. Oliver lbw Brew 31
G. Woods run out 5
R. Bannerman b Blanchard 12
J. Svehla b Blanchard 1
M. Sullivan not out 10
A. Hodgson c Coles b Blanchard 0
S. Oetelaar b Blanchard 8
Sundries 6
Total 131
Fall : 18 30 49 71 91 109 110 117 121 131
Bowling: Brew 16-4-35-3, Blanchard 16-3-50-5, McKeachie 6-0-19-1, Coles 5-1-21-0
ANU – 1st Innings
J. Farquhar b Thompson 9
G. Stacey b Hodgson 37
G. Knuckey lbw Bulger 19
G. Quinn lbw Thompson 5
S. McKeachie (c) c Oetelaar b Thompson 9
C. Ball b Hodgson 20
I. Naumann lbw Oetelaar 12
P. Blanchard c & b Oetelaar 1
P. Brew c Sullivan b Oetelaar 6
M. Coles not out 2
I. Wilson b Oetelaar 2
Sundries 10
Total 132
Fall : 47 51 64 76 96 111 120 122 130 132
Bowling : Hodgson 13-1-25-2, Oetelaar 13-1-53-4, Thompson 11-2-24-3, Oliver 7-3-12-0, Bulger 4-3-1-1
Queanbeyan – 2nd Innings
M. Wagland c Naumann b Brew 3
M. Sullivan not out 0
M. Thompson not out 0
Sundries 2
Total 1-5
Fall : 3
Bowling: Blanchard 2-1-3-0, Brew 2-2-0-1
RESULT: ANU won on the first innings by 1 wicket

The batting honors were shared by John Farquhar 235 runs (av 19.58) and Greg Stacey 225 runs (av 32.14) while the bowling honors were shared by Mark Coles 26 wickets (av 11.96), Peter Blanchard 24 wickets (av 13.58), and Ian Wilson 21 wickets (av 11.81). David Cook’s Fourth Grade side took out the One-Day Premiership after finishing second in their pool.

ANU v Northern Suburbs
M. Arnold lbw Ryan 5
D. Pellen run out 2
S. Heggen c Laverich b Ryan 3
G. Colless c Laverich b Ryan 14
M. Burnett b Hannam 4
C. Ball c Steinbacher b O’Sullivan 25
D. Cook (c) c Lyall b O’Sullivan 30
T. Robertson run out 15
M. Brice run out 38
P. Johns b Hannam 17
C. Scott-Orr not out 2
Sundries 11
Total 168
Fall : 6 10 19 31 43 73 100 107 165 168
Bowling: Hall 10-1-43-0, Ryan 7.2-1-12-3, Hannam 10-2-25-2, O’Sullivan 10-1-43-2, Lyall 8-0-36-0
Northern Suburbs
Stevens b Scott-Orr 1
Hall b Scott-Orr 20
Teodorowych lbw Cook 20
Steinbacher run out 26
Campbell b Brice 1
Hannam c & b Ball 11
Lyall b Cook 7
Leverich not out 18
Ryan run out 2
Kearns run out 0
O’Sullivan c Johns b Scott-Orr 7
Sundries 9
Total 122
Fall : 16 27 64 72 75 93 101 103 103 122
Bowling : Scott-Orr 9.5-7-13-3, Robertson 9-0-32-0, Ball 10-2-27-1, Cook 10-6-15-2, Brice 10-2-30-1
RESULT: ANU won by 46 runs

The side finished fourth in the Two-Day competition drawing with Weston Creek in the Final, the second day’s play being washed out. The premiership went to Weston Creek.

ANU v Weston Creek
ANU – 1st Innings
191 (Chris Boreham 47, Gamini Colless 27, Paul Lyons 26)
Weston Creek – 1st Innings

Gamini Colless with 261 runs (av 26.1) led the batting with Michael Brice 26 wickets (av 12.7) leading the bowlers. Dave Valentine’s CC&SCA. 2nd Grade Gold side finished in the fourth position and ultimately took out the Premiership.

ANU v Teachers
M. Ecob c Cronshaw b Robertson 13
C. Conti b Robertson 1
C. Brown c & b Castles 26
W. Lucerne c Ross b Dowton 37
S. Hayes not out 25
P. Matheson b Dowton 0
P. Finlay lbw Dowton 11
R. Harding b Dowton 15
I. Johnson run out 1
K. Lloyd not out 0
P. Brown
Sundries 7
Total 8-136
Fall : 6 17 61 89 89 106 132 136
Bowling : Robertson 10-4-12-2, Tie 9-2-32-0, Hookey 9-1-26-0, Castles 10-3026-1, Valentine 2-0-15-0, Dowton 10-3-18-4
P. Needhan b Lucerne 59
D. Barrow c Brown b Harding 34
D. Pellen c Finlay b Lloyd 20
P. Hookey not out 20
D. Tie not out 6
P. Ross
T. Robertson
D. Castles
S. Dowton
D. Valentine (c)
I. Cronshaw
Sundries 4
Total 4-143
Fall: 54 103 132
Bowling: Hayes 10-2-17-0, Johnson 6-0-24-0, Brown 10-1-26-0, LUcerne 4-0-18-1, Harding 10-3-25-1, Lloyd 3-0-11-1, Ecob 3.4-0-10-0
RESULT: ANU won by 7 wickets

Paul Needham was the leading batsman with 268 runs (av 44.67) ahead of Julian Oakley’s 211 runs (19.18) while Roger Hillman was the leading bowler with 19 wickets (av 8.94). Peter Reeves captained the C.C.& S.C.A. Third Grade Gold side to a Semi-Final berth against Molonglo.

ANU v Molonglo
ANU Gold
7-78 (Marcus Hickman 2/14, Christian Mikula 2/22)
RESULT: ANU lost by 3 wickets

Reeves enjoyed an exceptional season with a rare all-around performance of 328 runs (av 25.23) and 49 wickets (av 8.90). Leading performances came from David Tie with 248 runs (av 49.60) and Mick Cullen 248 runs (av 27.56). Chris Cahill’s CC&SCA Third Grade Blue side finished in the tenth position. Neville Curtis’ CC&SCA. The fourth Grade side finished fourth and later took out the Premiership.

ANU v Woden
K. Hagen b Smith 66
R. Tearle c Bird b Gray 7
O. Tilley c Crossman b Smith 10
R. Koch c Henry b Smith 13
N. Killeen b Henry 20
S. Jafri not out 36
M. Nolan c Gray b Crossman 21
P. Allen not out 4
P. McKay
N. Curtis (c)
A. Pope
Sundries 10
Total 6-186
Fall : 39 82 103 107 138 170
Bowling : Brooke 10-1-26-0, Morrisey 8-0-42-0, Gray 10-3-29-1, Henry 1-0-5-1, Smith 10-1-31-3, Crossman 10-1-43-1
Bayles c Allen b Tilley 22
Bird c McKay b Nolan 0
Bardell c Mckay b Pope 16
Crossman run out 8
Gray c McKay b Tilley 0
Henry c Hagen b Tilley 3
Kaye c Allen b Tilley 6
Smith c Hagen b McKay 3
Boardman b McKay 7
Morrissey c Pope b Curtis 27
Brooke not out 0
Sundries 4
Total 96
Fall : 0 25 49 49 49 56 60 64 93 96
Bowling : Pope 10-4-14-1, Nolan 6-0-14-1, Tearle 6-1-13-0, McKay 10-3-16-2, Tilley 8-2-31-4, Curtis 0.5-0-4-1
RESULT: ANU won by 90 runs

Owain Tilley finished the season with 320 runs (av 32.00) ahead of Mark Crosby’s 209 runs (av 29.86). The bowling honors were enjoyed by Neville Curtis with 26 wickets (av 15.77), Alan Pope 23 wickets (av 12.00), and Peter McKay 21 wickets (av 9.00).

1984-851984 cricketer

The First Grade captaincy duties were shared by Ian Campbell and Jon Richardson for a team that finished last in the Two-Day competition and third in their One-Day competition pool. Jon Richardson’s batting shone out as exceptional performance. He scored an imposing aggregate of 553 runs (av 39.50).

He was accompanied by Bill Bryceland 292 runs (av 24.33), Dave Cohen 252 runs (av 25.20), Keiran Dempsey 235 runs (av 21.36), and Craig Bradley 207 runs (av 25.88). The spin twins Dolf Matthews 25 wickets (av 21.68) and Mike Howell 22 wickets (av 22.18) provided the bowling highlights.

The Second Grade side, led for the most part by David Harris, finished eighth and second in the two competitions and so participated in the Semi-Final of the One-Day competition.

ANU v Easts
103 (Barry Andrews 22, Greg Quinn 22)
4-106 (Steve Follett 2/34)
RESULT: ANU lost by 6 wickets

Ian Wille with 246 runs (av 17.57) was the leading nm-scorer while Toby Robertson with 17 wickets (av 16.94) was the leading wicket-taker. Greg Emes led the Third Grade side to fifth and second position in the two competitions only to lose in the One-Day Semi-Final.

ANU v Easts
102 (David Cook 33*)
4-104 (Tim Bryant 2/29)
RESULT: ANU lost by 6 wickets

David Cook with 210 runs (av 30.00) was the chief run-scorer while Tim Bryant (av 17.50) and John Rose (av 19.95) were the leading wicket-taker with 22 each. Mark Arnold’s Fourth Grade side finished Third in the Two-Day competition and after defeating Weston Creek in the Semi-Final were soundly defeated in the Final.

ANU v Easts
ANU – 1st Innings
K. Hagen c b Hine 17
B. Chapman c Zappia b Hine 2
P. Robilliard run out 2
G. Colless c b Hine 5
M. Arnold c b zappia 5
G. Fitzgerald c b Zappia 0
M. Burnett c b Zappia 41
P. Foley c b Hine 0
S. Fallett b Hine 13
W. Stopp not out 0
I. Wilson b Zappia 0
Sundries 1
Total 86
Fall : 4 7 13 18 18 67 69 86 86 86
Bowling : Hine 16-8-35-5, Zappia 16.4-0-43-4 FitzPatrick 3-1-6-0, Owen 2-1-2-0
Easts – 1st Innings
Gow c Fitzgerald b Fallett 21
Curran st Hagen b Burnett 72
Clews c Hagen b Stopp 28
Fitzpatrick c Hagen b Stopp 15
McKerihan b Burnett 45
Rohl c Fitzferald b Wilson 16
Macafee b Stopp 47
Welsh not out 15
Sundries 21
Total 7-280
Fall : 64 115 143 173 206 248 280
Bowling : Fallett 26-5-82-1, Stopp 17.5-2-61-3, Burnett 20-2-54-2, Wilson 11-2-23-1, Foley 14-3-41-0, Colless 3-0-8-0
RESULT: ANU lost by 9 wickets on first innings
ANU v Weston Creek
172 (Gerry Fitzgerald 46, Mark Burnett 34, Dennis Arnold 24)
Weston Creek
RESULT: ANU lost by 7 wickets

By the end of the season, the batting honors were shared by Bruce Chapman with 250 runs (av 41.67), Mark Arnold 205 runs (av 18.64), and Dave Valentine 202 runs (av 33.67). Ian Wilson with 21 wickets (av 13.00) including a season-best 8/46 against Ginninderra was the leading bowler. Neil McDonald’s Fifth Grade side finished the Two-Day competition in sixth place but had the honor of taking out the One-Day premiership.

ANU v Woden Valley
6-231 (Ross Muir 76, Neil McDonald 48, Owain Tilley 29, Ian McDonald 27*)
Woden Valley
180 (Christian Mikula 4/53, Chris Farlow 3/16)
RESULT: ANU won by 51 runs

Neil McDonald with 342 runs (av 28.50) was the leading run-scorer ahead of Ross Muir’s 181 runs (av 40.14). Robert Koch with 15 wickets (av 23.20) headed the bowling list.

Glen Kentwell’s CC&SCA Third Grade Gold side won the minor premiership in Third Grade but were defeated in the Semi-Final (no scores available) Glen Kentwell with 235 runs (av 19.58), Russell Patrick 214 runs (av 19.45), and Serge Perrera 204 runs (av 25.50) were the leading batsmen while the leading bowlers were Christian Mikula with 27 wickets (av 11.03) and Glen Kentwell 21 wickets (av 18.19). Chris Preston’s CC&SCA.

Second Grade side finished ninth, Ray Ahern scoring 182 runs (av 13.00) and taking 21 wickets (av 21.19). The Third Grade Blue side’s leading performer was their captain, Chris Cahill with 22 wickets (av 29.09).

Lawrence Stedman scored 128 runs (av 10.67). The side finished tenth and earned the distinction of creating a record defeat at the hands of Weston Creek in the last competitive match. Batting first Weston Creek amassed one for 460 off 44 overs (one batsman scoring 283 and another 150 not out). In reply A.N.U. scored 96 to lose by a massive 364 runs.


The Club contracted the services of an English county professional with the Lancashire Cricket Club, Steve O’Shaughnessy as Club Coach for the first of two seasons. The First Grade side led by Jon Richardson finished a disappointing eighth in the Two-Day competition but had the consolation of winning the One-Day Premiership.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
R. Lonie run out 23
C. Kelaart lbw Witcombe 0
C. Burgess c Johnston b Campbell 33
J. Abrahams not out 54
C. Jones c (sub) b Bradley 13
D. Bertram c & b Bradley 13
P. Evans not out 30
Sundries 22
Total 5-203
Fall : 1 63 71 123 144
Bowling: O’Shaugnessy 9-1-30-0, Witcombe 10-2-27-1, Robertson 10-1-32-0, Campbell 10-0-40-1, Bradley 9-0-54-2, Smith 1-0-6-0
M. Stokes c Burgess b Abrahams 54
I. Campbell run out 31
A. Rizvi run out 23
J. Richardson (c) not out 54
S. O’Shaugnessy not out 26
Sundries 15
Total 3-204
Fall: 89 99 148
Bowling: Morris 9.3-0-27-0, Overland 7-0-30-0, Jones 7-0-41-0, Bamforth 10-0-37-0, Abrahams 10-3-32-1, Bertram 5-0-35-0
RESULT: ANU won by 7 wickets

The side enjoyed a batting wealth led by Craig Bradley with 379 runs (av 25.27), Jon Richardson 377 runs (av 23.56), Steve O’Shaughnessy 356 runs (av 22.25), Steve Smith 348 runs (av 31.64), Murray Stokes 311 runs (av 25.91), Keiran Dempsey 293 runs (av 29.30), and Abul Rizvi 207 runs (av 20.70).

Steve O’Shaughnessy dominated the bowling with his 37 wickets (av 17.14). Barry Andrews led the Second Grade side to fifth position in the Two-Day Competition and a Semi-Final berth in the One-Day competition.

ANU v Woden Valley
Woden Valley
139 (David Cook 3/22, Dolf Matthews 2/8)
128 (David Cook 28, Chris Scott-Orr 24)
RESULT: ANU lost by 11 runs

The sides leading batsmen were John Farquhar 248 runs (av 24.80), Ian Campbell 235 runs (av 39.17), Greg Cristofani 232 runs (av 16.57), and Greg Stacey 210 runs (av 19.09) while Jamie Fox took the bowling honors with 21 wickets (av 20.95). Chris Barnard’s Third Grade side finished fourth in the Two-Day competition and so played Weston Creek in the Semi-Final.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek – 1st Innings
164 (Micha Zeschke 6/49, Sandy Clugston 2/26)
ANU – 1st Innings
Weston Creek – 2nd Innings
4-124 (Chris Barnard 2/22)
RESULT: ANU lost on the first innings by 94 runs

By finishing second in its pool in the One-Day Competition the side played Eastern Suburbs in the Semi-Final.

ANU v Easts
114 (Danny Pellen 24, Chris Ball 20, John Crosswell 20)
RESULT: ANU lost by 6 wickets

In all matches, Chris Barnard led the run aggregates with 346 runs (av 24.70) ahead of Chris Ball’s 325 runs (av 20.30) and Danny Pellen’s 209 runs (av 29.80). Sandy Clugston was the leading bowler with 20 wickets (av 12.90). Chris Boreham’s Fourth Grade side finished the Two-Day competition in sixth place but won a semi-final spot in the One-Day competition by finishing second in its pool.

ANU v Easts
167 (Steve Koukoulas 47, Michael Baldwin 45, Steve Fallett 23)
4-170 (Steve Fallett 2/36, Andrew Denholm 2/49)
RESULT: ANU lost by 6 wickets

Dave Luchetti with 216 runs (av 24.00) and Bruce Chapman 203 runs (av 15.12) were the leading batsmen while Ian Wilson with 19 wickets (av 10.32) was the leading wicket-taker. The Dave Valentine-led side promised so much in winning the minor premiership in the Two-Day competition (and winning the Bel-Air Shield for most points by any side in any grade) and first place in their pool in the One-Day competition but came up empty-handed in the Finals.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek – 1st Innings
348 (Peter Newbigin 5/80, Ray Jewell 2/45)
ANU – 1st Innings
157 (Michael Cullen 37, Colin Minihan 34, Julian Oakley 29)
RESULT: ANU lost on the first innings by 191 runs

The side went one better in the One-Day competition and after fighting back from an early collapse had victory in sight but then lost the last four wickets for 23 runs.

ANU v Ginninderra
P. Cornelius c Dowton b Jewell 5
S. Hughes c Jewell b Foley 5
S. Johnson run out 22
T. Smith c b Cullen 9
M. Greer b Jewell 37
M. Brown c Fitzgerald b Jewell 53
D. Carney b Dowton 24
C. Appleby c Dowton b Cullen 0
J. Masters c Young b Dowton 0
A. Lomas not out 3
A. Seebach not out 2
Sundries 20
Total 9-189
Fall : 8 29 38 49 141 149 151 182 187
Bowling: Dowton 9-2-24-2, Foley 9-0-27-1, Jewell 10-1-50-3, Cullen 10-1-37-2, Fitzgerald 5-0-24-0, McDonald 5-0-22-0
J. Oakley b Smith 3
N. McDonald b Seebach 9
C. Minihan c b Lomas 8
D. Young c b Appleby 11
D. Valentine c b Johnson 30
P. Foley c b Lomas 1
M. Cullen not out 47
I. McDonald b Hughes 28
S. Dowton b Hughes 3
J. Fitzgerald b Hughes 4
R. Jewell c & b Hughes 2
Sundries 18
Total 164
Fall : 14 16 33 41 44 91 141 149 153 164
Bowling : Seebach 6-0-21-1, Smith 8-1-41-1, Lomas 8-2-21-2, Appleby 10-0-30-1, Hughes 8.2-2-22-4, Johnson 4-0-19-1
RESULT: ANU lost by 25 runs

Julian Oakley clearly led the batting with 596 runs (av 34.5) and Peter Newbigin the bowling with 23 wickets (av 13.0). In B Grade, the Ian Ryall led CC&SCA Second Grade Gold side finished fourth, Peter Allen’s Third Grade side seventh and Chris Cahill’s Second Grade Blue side twelfth with Cahill snaring 39 wickets (av 14.95).

Ian Ryall led the batting with 364 runs (av 19.2) ANU resumed its international activities with a tour of Fiji where the club competed in the Crompton Cup. Surprise, surprise Suva A defeated Suva B in the final after defeating ANU in a controversial marred quarter-final.

The tournament was played in atrocious conditions due to continuous tropical downpours that reduced many games from 30 overs to 20 overs per side. Some games were completely abandoned. Apart from the umpiring, ANU was also hindered by excessive indulgence in alcohol.


Despite the failure to win any premierships (though participating in many semi-final and final matches), the club won its third Club Championship. Greg Harper succeeded to the captaincy of the First Grade side with Steve O’Shaughnessy completing the second year of his coaching contract. The side finished fifth in the Two-Day competition but headed its pool in the One-Day competition.

ANU v Easts
125 (Abul Rizvi 38, Greg Harper 31)
6-128 (Tony Dean 2/38)
RESULT: ANU lost by 4 wickets

Steve O’Shaughnessy enjoyed his best form with the bat heading the aggregates with 421 runs (av 42.10), followed by Keiran Dempsey 420 runs (av 35.00), Andrew Ledger 392 runs (av 56.00), Andrew Ledger 392 runs (av 56.00), Murray Stokes 256 runs (av 18.29) and Greg Harper 248 runs (av 35.43). Off-spinner Tony Dean was the leading wicket-taker with 18 wickets (av 21.67). Chris Ball and Ian Campbell shared the captaincy duties of the Second Grade side who finished fifth in the Two-Day competition and second in their One-Day competition pool.

ANU v Easts
7-204 (Chris Ball 58*, Toby Robertson 38, Peter McCarthy 28)
8-205 (Dolf Matthews 3/23)
RESULT: ANU lost by 2 wickets

The side’s leading run-scorers were Chris Ball 297 runs (av 27.00), Peter McCarthy 287 runs(av 31.58), Ian Campbell 236 runs (av 29.50), Brian Fitzpatrick 214 runs (av 17.83) and Danny Pellen 210 runs (av 26.25). John Rose with 22 wickets (av 14.18) was the dominant bowler. Chris Barnard’s Third Grade side finished second and third in the two competitions. Despite having the disadvantage of batting first on a dampish South Oval wicket in the Final, Easts compiled a formidable score.

ANU v Easts
Easts – 1st Innings
I. Cameron c King b Trickett 6
M. Stanilewicz lbw King 36
A. Balistreri not out 110
J. Peterson b Pailisi 1
J. Barranco c&b; Clugston 37
D. McKerihan b King 17
F. Breglec c Reynolds b King 0
I. Long c Deacon b Cook 5
G. Lord c Cook b Trickett 1
S. Burke lbw Burke 4
A. Nix not out 13
Sundries 17
Total 9-250 dec
Fall : n.a.
Bowling : Brew 17-2-33-1, Trickett 27-6-56-2, Palisi 14-3-29-1, Barnard 5-1-14-0, King 24-8-46-3, Clugston 7-0-29-1, Cook 5-0-19-1, Deacon 3-0-11-0
ANU – 1st Innings
N. Reynolds st Burke b Stanilewicz 24
G. Deacon c Breglec b Nix 5
D. Headon c Barranco b Stanilewicz 27
A. Stone c Barranco b Breglec 0
S. Clugston c Balisteri b Breglec 0
D. Cook c Barranco b Breglec 21
M. King c Breglec b Stanilewicz 30
C. Barnard c Burke b Stanilewicz 3
G. Trickett lbw Long 18
P. Brew c Breglec b Nix 34
J. Palisi not out 0
Sundries 14
Total 176
Fall : 10 57 58 58 94 105 114 176 176
Bowling : Long 16-3-38-1, Nix 11-3-19-2, Stanilewicz 31-10-59-4, Breglec 18-5-38-3, Barranco 5-2-9-0, Lord 6-5-3-0
RESULT: ANU lost on the first innings by 74 runs

The side boasted a strong batting line-up comprised of Sandy Clugston 363 runs (av 36.30), Chris Barnard 331 runs (av 30.10), Dave Cook 318 runs (av 28.90), Michael King 301 runs (av 27.40), Nick Reynolds 207 runs (av 17.30) and Geoff Deacon 202 runs (av 25.30). Phil Brew headed the bowling with 29 wickets (av 9.70) from Graham Trickett 19 wickets (av 18.90). Peter Neal led the Fourth Grade side to first in its One-Day pool from where they went on to the Final at South Oval.

ANU v Easts
A. Stone c & b Maloney 7
P. Johns b Mitzi 7
B. Chapman c&b; Booth 11
P. Lyons c Welsh b Booth 37
C. Minihan run out 18
P. Neal c Maloney b Wight 5
M. Burnett c Maloney b Mitzi 4
L. Spiccia c Welsh b Booth 11
C. Scott-Orr not out 27
G. Carmichael c Mitzi b Marron 2
P. Townsend not out 1
Sundries 17
Total 9-147
Fall : 12 24 41 81 99 100 115 133 146
Bowling : Mitzi 9-1-24-2, Marron 8-2-25-1, Maloney 10-3-22-1, Moebius 3-0-20-0, Booth 7-1-17-1
B. Wight b Townsend 2
R. Booth c Lyons b Townsend 7
J. Peterson not out 83
P. Legge-Wilkinson c Stone b Townsend 2
P. Maloney c&b; Spiccia 0
P. Rohl not out 17
K. McLaughlin b Burnett 21
Sundries 16
Total 5-148
Fall : 11 18 20 33 93
Bowling : Scott-Orr 9-0-24-0, Townsend 10-0-38-3, Spiccia 8-0-30-0, Carmichael 6-0-28-0, Burnett 6-1-22-1, Lyons 0.2-0-3-0
RESULT: ANU lost by 5 wickets

The side finished third in the Two-Day competition.

ANU v Weston Creek
ANU – 1st Innings
Weston Creek
9-201 (Gordon Carmichael 3/30)
RESULT: ANU lost on the first innings by 5 wickets

The batting was best served by Peter Johns 315 runs (av 28.64), Colin Minihan 236 runs (av 39.33), Paul Lyons 232 runs (av 29.00), and Bruce Chapman 212 runs (av 21.20). The leading bowlers were: Chris Scott-Orr 26 wickets (av 17.27), Gordon Carmichael 24 wickets (av 12.96), and Mark Burnett 20 wickets (av 18.20). History repeated itself with Dave Valentine’s Fifth Grade side finishing first in both the Two-Day Competition and their pool in the One-Day Competition but still no premiership to show for domination of other sides throughout the season. The Fifth Grade One-Day Final ended on a sour note when a boundary that would have given ANU victory was not acknowledged by the Queanbeyan fielder and the last ANU wicket fell on the next ball.

ANU v Queanbeyan
P. Moon lbw Cullen 18
M. Woods lbw Foley 23
S. Bowden c McAlister b Cullen 22
T. Regan b Quinlivan 71
I. Hamill b Valentine 19
E. Rene b Weber 31
D. Griffin c Valentine b Weber 1
F. Wilton not out 8
G. Alexander not out 0
Sundries 15
Total 7-208
Fall : 45 52 78 117 197 197 206
Bowling : Quinlivan 8-2-28-1, Foley 7-0-41-1, Weber 6-0-42-2, Cullen 10-3-17-2, Valentine 10-0-42-1, McAlister 3-0-26-0, Kentwell 1-0-5-0
J. Oakley c b Griffin 5
G. Kentwell c b Griffin 4
J. Shaw run out 0
D. Quinlivan c b Hamill 53
D. Young c b Moon 43
D. Valentine c b Hamill 8
D. McAlister c b Keane 40
M. Cullen run out 14
P. Foley c b Regan 14
G. Mulvaney b Regan 5
T. Weber not out 1
Sundries 19
Total 206
Fall : 10 10 13 84 118 127 152 175 200 206
Bowling : Griffin 7-1-22-2, Keane 10-1-41-1, Moon 6-0-30-1, Wilton 6-0-24-0, Regan 9-0-46-2, Hamill 6-0-34-2
RESULT: ANU lost by 2 runs
ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU – 1st Innings
Tuggeranong – 1st Innings
RESULT: ANU lost on the first innings by 5 wickets

Julian Oakley once again led the batting with 586 runs (av 34.47). He was supported by David Young 208 runs (av 34.67) and David Valentine 254 runs (av 28.22). Peter Foley took an impressive 39 wickets (av 16.36) and was supported by Dave Valentine 24 wickets (av 18.58), Antony Weber 23 wickets (av 14.13), and Laurie Spiccia 20 wickets (av 7.45).

ANU v Teachers
Nelson c Patrick b Koch 41
Provins b G. Stramandonoli 23
Etherington c Anforth b Mason 40
Day not out 38
Bullas b G. Stramandonoli 14
Sainsbury b G. Stramandonoli 15
Hutchinson c Koch b Mulvaney 9
Legge run out 3
Bennet run out 1
Watts b Hickman 0
Iacobelli not out 0
Sundries 2
Total 9-186
Fall : 52 74 106 126 138 159 170 186 186
Bowling : Koch 7-1-38-1, Reeves 7-0-21-0, Anforth 7-0-26-0, G. Stramandinoli 10-0-29-3, Hickman 6-1-20-1, Mason 7-1-37-1, Mulvaney 2-0-13-1
I. Ryall c b Legge 8
R. Patrick c b Provins 19
F. Stramanadonoli c&b; Provins 11
M. Hickman run out 41
G. Stramanadonoli b Provins 2
A. Danforth b Bennett 0
R. Prior run out 20
G. Mulvaney b Sainsbury 3
R. Koch c B Iacomella 6
P. Reeves c b Legge 42
B. Mason not out 7
Sundries 7
Total 167
Fall : 13 35 46 57 58 106 106 116 118 167
Bowling : Legge 6.5-0-33-2, Provins 10-1-27-3, Bennett 10-0-24-1, Iacomella 10-0-35-1, Sainsbury 7-0-44-1
RESULT: ANU lost by 19 runs

The leading performers were Ian Ryall with 438 runs (av 23.05) and Brett Mason with 20 wickets (av 12.55). Lawrence Stedman’s CC&SCA Third Grade side finished fifth with best batsmen: Dale Campbell 293 runs (av 29.30) and Greg Weller 208 runs (av 23.10) and best bowler: Con Polatos 19 wickets (av 14.20).

The CC&SCA Fourth Grade side led by Chris Cahill finished fourth with best performances from Santa Wickramasinghe 210 runs (av 23.33) and Chris Cahill 21 wickets (av 22.62). The season ended on a sad note with the passing of one of the clubs’ most colorful members, Barry Andrews.

The Club’s memorial says it all:- “He’s playing talents and infectious good humor will be sorely missed.” In his honor, ANU and Wests play for the Barry Andrews shield once a year based on performances across all grades between the two clubs followed by a social get-together of the teams.


Despite many One-Day Semi-Final appearances and Second Grade’s One-Day premiership, the club had a poor year, particularly in the Two-Day competition. Greg Harper’s First Grade side finished a disappointing seventh in the Two-Day competition but once again featured in the Semi-Finals of the One-Day competition by finishing second in their pool. The side fell tantalizingly short of winning a place in the Final.

ANU v Queanbeyan
8-238 (Steve Smith 3/55)
231 (Darren Grass 59, Greg Stacey 58, Richard Hartshorn 36, Craig Bradley 29)
RESULT: ANU lost by 7 runs

Once again the batting acquitted itself well but the lack of any real penetrative bowling cost the side dearly throughout the season. The leading batsmen were: Andrew Ledger 333 runs (av 33.30), Steve Smith 305 runs (av 25.42), Craig Bradley 268 runs (av 20.62), Richard Hartshorn 254 runs (av 31.75) and Greg Harper 222 runs (av 22.20).

The leading bowlers were: Craig Bradley 24 wickets (av 19.50) and Andrew Spain 21 wickets (av 22.71). Similarly, the Second Grade side, led by Jamie Fox and Murray Stokes at various times, finished out of the four in the Two-Day competition in fifth place but on a Semi-Final berth in the One-Day competition by finishing second in its pool.

A narrow Semi-Final win over Queanbeyan was the prelude to an even more exciting win in the Final. When all appeared lost an unbeaten ninth-wicket partnership of 102 runs at a very brisk pace between Richard Stone and Andrew Bachelard secured the One-Day premiership,

ANU v Wests
Penny b Stone 133
Weston c Scott-Orr b Stone 8
Etherington c Reynolds b Stokes 7
Ellis not out 65
Gill b Bachelard 3
Cook lbw b STone 0
Garland not out 11
Sundries 22
Total 5-249
Fall : 40 81 223 234 237
Bowling : Stone 10-1-39-3, Fx 7-1-31-0, Mahoney 10-1-40-0, tokes 10-1-41-1, Bachelard 7-0-46-1, Scott-Orr 6-0-37-0
M. Stokes (c) c Cook b Metcalfe 0
P. Mahoney c Ellis b Metcalfe 6
N. Reynolds b Garland 34
D. Grass c Barnes b Garland 24
G. Stacey c Cook b Garland 15
M. Malouf c Cook b Garland 13
P. McCarthy c Metcalfe b Harbick 20
R. Stone not out 81
J. Fox b Penny 7
A. Bachelard not out 36
C. Scott-Orr
Sundries 15
Total 8-250
Fall : 2 11 44 75 88 107 136 148
Bowling: Metcalfe 10-2-57-2, Barnes 9.5-1-54-0, Shoulder 5-0-21-0, Garland 10-0-25-4, Penny 10-0-49-1, Harbick 5-0-38-1
RESULT: ANU won by 2 wickets

For the season only two players reached the 200 run mark: Michael Malouf 258 runs (av 19.85) and Murray Stokes 254 runs (av 18.14). The most successful wicket-taker was Richard Stone with 18 wickets (av 17.28). The Mark Spain-led Third Grade side occupied like positions in the points tables but lost in the Semi-Final.

ANU v Wests
126 (David Cook 40)
6-127 (Phil Brew 3/29)
RESULT: ANU lost by 4 wickets

Mark Sewell’s 349 runs (av 38.78), Dave Cook’s 218 runs (av 36.3,3), and Ian Ryall’s 201 runs (av 15.46) dominated the batting while Graham Trickett was the leading wicket-taker with 17 wickets (av 27.29). Likewise, Peter Neal’s Fourth Grade side finished fifth and second but just failed to emulate Second and Third Grades in featuring in the Final.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
160 (Phil Townsend 3/40, Mark Burnett 2/23)
156 (John Palisi 56, Mark Burnett 33)
RESULT: ANU lost by 4 runs

Peter Johns 395 runs (av 23.23) and Wasanta Wickramasinghe, with his particular flair for batting by the numbers, 232 runs (av 29.00) were the best batsmen. Robert Koch (av 15.44) and John Palisi (av 16.25) with 16 wickets apiece were the leading bowlers. In one memorable match against Norths, Phil Brew created a Club record with one of those rare bowling feats: all ten wickets in an innings. He then proceeded to take the first two wickets of the North’s second innings. The scoreboard details are:

ANU v Norths
ANU – 1st Innings
Total 165
Norths – 1st Innings
S. Glaznieks c Johns b Brew 6
T. Johannes lbw Brew 14
M. Viney b Brew 20
G. Luthy c Johns b Brew 0
R. Piper lbw Brew 19
M. Hughson c b Brew 0
B. Calver b Brew 1
D. Tranaa c Johns b Brew 23
T. Haque b Brew 6
S. Schmidt c Johns b Brew 5
G. Barrow not out 0
Sundries 4
Total 98
Fall : 14 25 32 60 60 64 65 77 89 98
Bowling: P. Brew 20.2-8-36-10, P. Townsend 8-0-37-0, C. Scott-Orr 7-0-13-0, D. Quinlivan 5-0-9-0
ANU – 2nd Innings
Total 2-75 dec
Norths – 2nd Innings
Total 5-91
Bowling: P. Brew 10-2-16-2
RESULT: ANU won by 67 runs on First Innings

Dave Valentine’s Fifth Grade did not enjoy the success of the previous two seasons finishing fifth and second and were comprehensively beaten in the Semi-Final of the One-Day competition.

ANU v Weston Creek
Weston Creek
227 (Simon Bennett 3/36)
112 (Greg Weller 31)
RESULT: ANU lost by 115 runs

Julian Oakley with 430 runs (av 21.50) and Greg Weller’s 334 runs (av 23.86) dominated the batting while Stephen Jaggers was the leading wicket-taker with 15 wickets (av 18.60). The CC&SCA Second Grade Blue side led by Peter Foley finished in 3rd position and lost the semi-final to UCAN, the eventual winners. The batting honors were shared by Lawrence Stedman 244 runs (av 15.25), Peter Foley 240 runs (av 16.00), Matthew Morrell 213 runs (av 30.43), and Kit Woolley 203 runs (av 18.45).

The bowling honors were enjoyed by Brett Mason with 35 wickets (av 13.43) and Peter Foley with 20 wickets (av 13.00). Captain Peter Reeves with 202 runs (av 20.20) and Chris Cahill with 24 wickets (av 20.08) dominated the CC&SCA Third Grade side which finished in the sixth position.

Chana Somaratna’s CC&SCA Second Grade Gold side just failed to win a semi-final berth in finishing fifth. The strong batting line-up was headed by Somaratna with 351 runs (av 23.45), Daniel Rogers 276 runs (av 23.00), and Peter Allen 228 runs (av 45.60). Ray Ahern with 23 wickets (av 24.67) was the most successful bowler.


The Club welcomed Club Coach, Vic Cristofani a cricketer with an impressive pedigree as a player and a coach. The fortunes of the First Grade side led by Richard Hartshorn plummeted with the side finishing last in the Two-Day Competition and second last in its pool of five teams in the One-Day competition. Greg Harper with 414 runs (av 69.00) and Richard Hartshorn 302 runs (av 37.75) excelled in batting while Jamie Fox with 26 wickets (av 19.54) shone with the ball.

Vic Cristofani’s Second Grade side lacked the necessary depth and fared a little better finishing eighth and fourth. Leading players were David Cook 237 runs (av 39.50), Michael Malouf 237 runs (av 33.86), and Vic Cristofani 218 runs (av 24.22) while Michael King was the leading wicket-taker with 10 wickets (av 17.20). Chris Barnard returned to captain the Third Grade side after a season’s break but even his influence was not enough to get the side into the Semi’Finals of either the Two-Day competition (placed fifth) or the One-Day competition (placed fourth).

Barnard with 151 runs (av 16.78) led the batting while Phil Brew with 25 wickets (av 11.00) and Barnard with 22 wickets (av 18.05) led the bowling. The Fourth Grade side led by Gordon Carmichael matched the positions of Third Grade with only three players batting more than seven times. Carmichael with 20 wickets (av 17.75) and Richard Ireland with 19 wickets (av 15.11) were the leading bowlers.

The Fifth Grade side led on occasions by Peter Foley and Dave Valentine suffered one of its worst seasons finishing seventh and fifth. Darryl Bull with 163 runs (av 18.11) and Peter Foley with 17 wickets (av 18.18) were the best performers. Lawrence Stedman’s CC&SCA 2nd Grade side finished second. The leading performers were Matthew Morell’s 279 runs (av 34.88), Stedman 215 runs (av 26.88), and Phil Johnston 15 wickets (av 15.27).

Chris Cahill’s CC&SCA Third Grade I side finished sixth while the Grade II side led by Peter Reeves finished one better in fifth place. Robin Prior with 557 runs (av 46.42), Peter Allen 333 runs (av 25.62), Ian Ryall 208 runs (av 26.00), and George Lombard 203 runs (av 33.83) dominated the batting while David Hobbs with 21 wickets (av 14.95) and Ian Wilson 20 wickets (av 9.80) performed best for the Third Grade II side.


The Club Management pulled off a coup in attracting Canberra’s pre-eminent cricketer, Greg Irvine, to the Club as Coach to join Vic Cristofani. The One-Day competition disappeared along with the reduction of ten District clubs to eight, and with that came the introduction of the Sixth and Seventh Grade competitions, both of which were played on a one-day basis.

Though his First Grade side finished last Irvine’s influence on many games was pronounced as it was on the rest of the Club. Greg Irvine was the chief run-getter with 350 runs at an imposing average of 70.00 with the next best being Neil Woods with 244 runs (av 27.11). Steve Smith was the leading wicket-taker with 21 wickets (av 31.52).

Dave Harris’ Second Grade side also finished last in something of a disastrous season. The leading run-scorer was Graham Pillans with 184 runs (av 20.44) while James Jaggers’s 13 wicket haul (av 30.15) was the best of the bowling.

Chris Barnard’s Third Grade side finished Third in the competition rounds, defeated Weston Creek in the Semi-Final only to lose the Final though the withdrawal through injury of Dolf Matthews and Ross Atkins did not help the side’s cause.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
Canberra North Daramalan – 1st Innings
229 (Adrian Ashman 2/22, Jon Richardson 2/34, Chris Barnard 2/42)
ANU – 1st Innings
163 (Subho Banerjee 76)
RESULT: ANU lost by 66 runs on the First Innings

The batting was headed by Subho Banerjee with 317 runs (av 31.70) highlighted by an innings of 126 against Queanbeyan and followed by Brendan Morling’s 208 runs (av 29.70) and Shahab Jafri 199 runs (av 24.90). The leading bowler was Dolf Matthews with 19 wickets (av 11.30).

Vic Cristofani’s Fourth Grade also finished Third but bowed out in the Semi-Final during which Cristofani suffered a serious eye injury which the following season was a significant handicap eventually resulting in the curtain being pulled down on a distinguished playing career.

ANU v Souths
Souths – 1st Innings
157 (Adrian Ashman 5/35, Mark Burnett 2/23)
ANU – 1st Innings
9-103 (Sam Colman 46*)
Souths – 2nd Innings
RESULT: ANU lost by 54 runs on the First Innings

Subho Banerjee’s 211 runs (av 30.14) and Mark Burnett’s 22 wickets (av 11.50) were the best performances. Peter Foley’s Fifth Grade side finished fourth but the side’s batting fell far short of the required total in the Semi-Final even though most batsmen got starts to their innings.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
Canberra North Daramalan – 1st Innings
269 (Richard Ireland 4/45, Lenny Leerdam 2/23)
ANU – 1st Innings
176 (Alex Philp 36, David Hazelhurst 34, Nick Reynolds 32, Darren Quigg 24)
RESULT: ANU lost by 93 runs on First Innings

Alex Philp with 243 runs (av 24.30) and Richard Ireland with 27 wickets (av 11.50) were the leading performers. ANU was represented by two Sixth Grade sides. Anthony Thompson led the Blue side to the Semi-Finals by finishing third but a poor batting effort handed the match to the opposition in a very meek fashion.

ANU v Canberra North Daramalan
Canberra North Daramalan
4-81 (Andrew Denholm 2/32)
RESULT: ANU lost by 6 wickets

Julian Oakley with 349 runs (av 38.80) and Anthony Thompson with 206 runs (av 25.80) were the leading run-getters while Thompson with 20 wickets (av 18.45) was the leading wicket-taker. The Peter Reeves Sixth Grade Gold side paid dearly for the twelve missed catches in the last round against South Canberra to just miss a Semi-Finals place.

The leading batsmen were Ian Ryall with 359 runs (av 27.60), George Lombard 221 runs (av 27.60), and Robin Prior 207 runs (av 20.70) while James Shaw with 22 wickets (av 15.00) took the bowling honors. Neil Kinsella’s Seventh Grade lost only two competition rounds in taking out the minor premiership on its road to the Final. Where they lost against a very different Tuggeranong side whose good bowling proved the determining factor of the match.

ANU v Tuggeranong
ANU Blue
169 (Nathan Beverly 67, Michael Sheldrick 30, Simon Bennett 30)
5-171 (Adam Carter 2/32, Simon Bennett 2/39)
RESULT: ANU lost by 5 wickets

Chris Cahill captained the Club’s ninth team, the Seventh Grade Gold side to the sixth position. Leading performances came from Neil Beverly with 229 runs (av 57.3), Phil Gausden 184 runs (av 46.00), and Adam Carter with 28 wickets (av 10.7).