How many cricket teams are there in the world?

cricket teams

The people who are aware of cricket then might know that it is one of the best and the Gentleman’s games. It first took place in 1844 when Canada and the USA locked horns with each other, and if you consider the first test match, you will find that it took place between England and Australia in 1877.

The entire team was governed by a parent body known as International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1909. ICC recognizes the various cricket countries and accordingly assigns their appropriate status.

There are many cricket teams present in the entire world that comes under ICC, and you need to have proper knowledge about the total number of teams. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the total number of teams due to which they face problems when placing a bet on them.

Therefore, before connecting with the online cricket betting world, it is essential to grab proper information about how many cricket teams are in the world with appropriate members so that you won’t face any problems while betting or watching various matches. Then, for more details about the significant cricket teams, you can stay focused.

Full Membersfull members

When it comes to the total number of teams in the entire world as of July 2021, you will find that there are 106 ICC members with 12 full members and 94 associate members. The first and the famous members will learn about the Full Members who represent the cricketing nations. Full members are the best to members who are available in good number with best players.

These members are famous as a governing body for cricket in the entire country or associated countries representing a geographical area. There are 12 full member nations in the ICC committee, and the teams involved as these members involved are England, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, and India.

Associate Members

Other famous members involved in ICC are associate members that include 94 member countries of the entire world. These member countries are considered a majority in the ICC body. However, the associate member countries usually don’t catch up with the demographics and are considered globalized.

ICC provided T20 status to all the members, and since 1st July 2018, status was established for women and 1st January 2019 for men. As a result, these nations are known as minnows and are all get an excellent opportunity to connect with various qualification League. Moreover, it provided a great chance to rub shoulders with stronger nations in various tournaments and events like T20 World Cup.

Associate Members with ODI Status

Some teams are famous as members with ODI status, and ICC helps to make them more famous by providing clear rewards. The ICC brings up passionate cricketing nations to be awarded ODI status to select the best associate members. ODI stands for One Day Internationals, and the members interested in getting this status can connect with it.

The various countries selected for this reward are Nederland, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Oman, Nepal, United Arab, Scotland, United States, and Emirates. All these Nations are provided with the excellent opportunity to be granted the ODI status and become one of the most popular members in the entire world.

Former Membersformer members

The Former Members are another famous ICC team that you can experience once you connect with the cricket world. The famous former members are Cuba, Tonga, Morocco, and Switzerland, and these are the previous members, but ICC has revoked the status of these members for different reasons. Nevertheless, these members are the best to get the people’s attention and help various countries have better experiences.

Cricket has grabbed small but significant measures to spread its awareness across the world and make many people aware of cricket a lot. All the games related to cricket require more countries and fans to engage with to have a great existence with extraordinary popularity across the world.

With the information, you can learn about the various cricket teams available in the entire world. The people who don’t know much about the total number of teams will be easy to get an idea about the ICC-related members with different numbers.

Once you grab proper information, you can better understand the best cricket members with great popularity. Try to stay focused if you want to better understand, as paying proper attention can help you not to face any query while understanding the various cricket members of ICC in the entire world.