Learn how many innings are there in a cricket match


During a cricket match, an inning is how long a team or an individual bats. In cricket, an innings refers to the time spent batting by a team. It is also possible for a batsman to play an innings on the crease.

How Many Balls Are In An Inning?cricket balls

The answer depends on the format of cricket you’re playing. Let’s look at some examples of each type:

First Class Cricket

In first-class matches, a team could theoretically bat for a total of 1500 deliveries. The same time has also for an entire team inning. In first-class cricket, a first-class innings is ended by the bowlers, or by the batsmen declaring, etc. Additionally, the termination of the game can end a first-class inning.

ODI match(50 overs)

An innings of cricket lasting 50 overs does not always involve 300 balls. If a team is bowled out much earlier, the innings could be over in 100 balls, or even 60 balls or even less. Additionally, it is possible for the second team to score a target score without using the full 300 deliveries. Thus, a 50 over innings can have no more than 300 deliveries.

T20 Match(20 overs)

In the event that the batting team is dismissed early or reaches its target score sooner than expected, the match or the innings is likely to end early. When playing cricket in twenty-overs, each team gets a maximum of 120 balls to bat with.

How many innings in a test match?test matches

A test consists of two innings for each team. Nevertheless, this does not happen in all tests. Depending on the result of the first innings, it is possible that the team batting first could force follow-on, giving them the opportunity to win. When a team wins by an innings, it means that it batted once while the opponent team batted twice.

When a test match is played in bad weather, you may not be able to watch both teams play two innings. Under heavy rain conditions, under circumstances, there will not be any opportunity for each side to bat twice. The results of bad weather-affected games often end in draws, since two days would not be long enough to play four innings.

How Do Innings End?

Cricket involves two types of innings: team and individual innings. When is an innings over? What does it mean to come to the innings end? We’ll discuss this briefly below.

Team Innings:

The batting team’s innings are ended in a few different ways. The details are as follows:

  1. If the batting team loses all their 10 wickets, their innings end.
  2. Batting Team Captain Declares – The team captain ends his or her own innings this way.
  3. Each inning in progress will be automatically ended in cricket matches in which one side wins, or in tests where the match reaches the fifth day of its scheduled five days.

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