What does “Bowling Average” mean in cricket?

What is Bowling Average in cricket?

A player’s bowling average is the difference between runs they have conceded compared to wickets taken during their career. A player’s proficiency as a bowler is gauged by their bowling average.

Calculating Bowling Average – Formula

Formula for calculating Bowling Average in cricket

Calculate bowling average by adding runs conceded to wickets taken, Where:

  • “Runs Conceded” refers to how many runs a bowler has conceded.
  • The “Wickets Taken” column indicates how many wickets the bowler has taken.

Calculate your cricket bowling average

According to cricket terminology, the bowling average is calculated by dividing runs conceded by wickets taken. It is a measure of a bowler’s effectiveness.

As the average gets lower, a bowler is performing better. You can determine the performance of every bowler using this cricket bowling average calculator.

The bowling average plays a key role in league bowling, especially in handicapped leagues where it determines a player’s handicap. Until you have bowled at least 12 games with the United States Bowling Congress, your average cannot be recognized, but you can calculate your average using any number of games.

Bowling average – what is it?

The average of all the games you have played is your score. When you’re new to the game, your average isn’t much of a factor.

You should also track your average score if you’re a serious amateur or pro bowler. As well as calculating averages, bowlers’ handicaps are calculated to determine their standings in leagues and tournaments.

How to Calculate Your Average

average calculation guide in cricket

It is important to know two things when determining your average bowling score: the total number of games and points you have played. It’s important to keep track of your record, whether you use an application or write it down on paper, whether you’re a beginner or not.

Here are some steps for calculating a new bowler’s average score after three games:

Total the scores of all the games. The scores used in this example will be 100, 126, and 98.

To find the total, divide by the number of games played. 324 divided by 3 gives 108.

A new player averages 108 (that’s not bad, really!). But math is not always straightforward. You can either round up or down to the next number if your calculation results in a decimal.

As you improve your bowling average may be calculated in different ways to evaluate your performance. You can calculate your average over a period of years, seasons, or tournaments if you participate in league play.

Top 5 Bowlers as per their bowling average:

  1. Kyle Jamieson
  2. Pat Cummins
  3. Hasan Ali
  4. Kagiso Rabada
  5. Jasprit Bumrah